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Shell Aviation Philippines: Continuing the saga on global competitiveness

By Josa Marie Salazar

In the recent years, Shell Aviation Philippines has been earning recognition and awards for its outstanding safety and operational performance. Today, it is globally recognised for delivering world-class service to its growing number of customers owing to its commitment to excellence reflected in all aspects of its operations.

Recently, Shell Aviation Philippines was recognised with the Vice President (VP) Awards for its excellence in safety compliance and value delivery to the company. The VP Awards, which is given on a quarterly basis, aims to highlight the best and noteworthy examples of special contributions to the company.

This year, the Global Shell Aviation (SAV) cited the Philippine team with second quarter (Q2) VP Awards on HSSE and Value Delivery.

Gaining trust in aviation through operational excellence

One of the two VP Awards Shell Aviation Philippines received is the Value Delivery on improved margins in Q2. Though the collective effort of the team, they were able to bring the business to a higher ground – performing excellently in terms of better delivery of business targets.

According to Shell Aviation Philippines Operations Manager Melchor “Jun” Abina, Jr., they were able to achieve such feat on the support of Aviation Operations, all in a sustained level of operational excellence of into-plane operations.

Following global highest standards in a day in-day out basis, Shell Aviation Philippines was able to gain the trust of airlines, which helped in their renewal of contracts in Manila airport for the second quarter of 2014. The win brought additional C4 margins of US$8.6 million annually.

“It’s a matter of performing well, doing it like it’s the only thing you are meant to do. We were able to prove them (airlines) that delivering excellently to them is what we values that most. They managed to see it and the trust to Shell Aviation Philippines was continuously built,” said Mr. Jun Abina, sharing the formula behind their team’s outstanding performance.

Safety is on top of everything

In June 2014, the SAV PH team recorded 1,000 days of no harm to people and no leaks in their operations. A testament to Shell’s focus and efforts for its Goal Zero journey, Shell Aviation Philippines was cited for achieving 1,000 Days of Goal Zero. 

The team’s proactive Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) thinking went hand in hand with their top safety performance. The SAV PH Operations Manager explained that every day is not just “Aviation Operations” day. On top of everything is pursuing the goal of no harm to people and reinforcing Shell’s commitment to HSSE and Social Performance (SP).

“The safety rules in Shell offices are not for compliance alone. Do it to comply with the standard process and the staff will become complacent. Complacence means danger – it is critical to always put our minds on the work and not work on it in a robot-like process. The secret here is to always think of the lives – yours and your colleagues and the people around you – that will be at risk if you become complacent with safety,” said Abina.

Shell Aviation Philippines at a glance

The Shell Aviation Philippines is located at the Joint Oil Companies Aviation Fuel Storage Plant (JOCASP) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) passenger terminal 1, and adjacent on the other side with the terminal 2 building.

The primary role of Shell Aviation operations team is to ensure meeting of delivery objectives and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in line with its main business of providing into plane fuelling services safely and delivering on-time and on-specs products to customer for both domestic and international customers.

SAV PH product, which are delivered from the Shell Terminals (Tabangao/Pandacan) to JOCASP via road bridgers, are cleared into plane refuelling after their necessary certificates and safety processes are completed. There are three options to refuel a plane: first is using a refueller truck; the second one is refuelling using a hydrant dispenser; and the last is refuelling using a combination of both process.

The first process of refuelling, using a refueller truck, is utilised on aircraft parking bays with non-operational hydrant lines or no hydrant system. The operations team employs this refuelling process for aircrafts that require minimal quantity of fuel. However, if the aircraft parking bay has an operational hydrant system, the hydrant dispenser is used instead. For any aircraft that requires large quantity of fuel, the tandem of hydrant dispenser and bridger truck refuelling is opted by the operations team.

As of August 2014, Shell Aviation Philippines has an average throughput of 923 kilo litres per day (klpd) in NAIA and 49 klpd in Clark, Pampanga. Every month, SAV PH refuels its airline customers with an average of 28.0 million litres and 1.5 million litres in NAIA and Clark, respectively.

In its years of operation, Shell Aviation Philippines is consistently delivering effectively to its airline customers. Because of the team’s reliable performance, it was able to win huge accounts and continuously earn the trust of the following airline customers such as Philippine Airlines, Korean Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Japan Airlines/Jet Star Japan, Jet Star Asia and Jet Star International, All Nippon Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, China Eastern, Air China, China Airlines, Capiteq (Air North), Phil Air Asia, Air Asia Malaysia, Asiana Airlines, Virgin Australia, Lufthansa Airline, and other ad hoc customers.

With all the internal and global achievements that the Shell Aviation Philippines is receiving, Jun Abina does not forget to give credits to his team. “These awards wouldn’t be possible without the whole SAV PH Team’s relentless pursuit for operational excellence in both HSSE as well as in partnering with our Sales and BD Teams in growing the Aviation business in the Philippines. These are very encouraging. To my team, let’s keep up the good work!” said Abina.

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