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Press Releases

Shell Oil Supply To Normalise Next Week

In response to the continued shutdown of the Batangas-Manila petroleum pipeline, which supplies products to its Pandacan Depot, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) continues to deploy alternative supply arrangements in order to ensure the continuity of supply to its customers in the Metro Manila areas.

PSPC sustains the difficult challenges of positioning a mother supply ship off the Pasig River to maximise barging activities of petroleum products to the Pandacan Depot. As a result, PSPC expects oil supply to normalise by mid-next week. Timely government action, in support of these alternative supply activities at both local and national levels, significantly helped cushion the impact of the pipeline shutdown on the public.

Government actions include:

  • Support from City of Makati and DOE to secure alternative supply arrangements;
  • Prompt action from MMDA in giving a special permit to allow petroleum lorries to traverse the major thoroughfares from 10 am till 6 am, for a period of at least one week; and
  • Batangas local government truck ban exemption given for delivery areas within Batangas.

Similarly, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and DOE facilitated discussions between PSPC and South Luzon Tollways and the Skyway, in order to assess optimisation of travel and turnaround time for PSPC’s petroleum lorries using the South Luzon highways.

“We continue to look at all possible supply logistical alternatives, and we are confident that with the valuable assistance and cooperation from government and other stakeholders, PSPC’s oil supply to the Metro Manila areas should return to normal by mid next week.“, said Roberto S. Kanapi, PSPC Vice President for Communications.