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Pilipinas Shell Runs for Road Safety and Courtesy

Auto Review, one of the longest-running motoring shows on Philippine television, recently staged its 4th Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy at the Fort in Taguig City. Attracting close to 5,000 running aficionados, the annual advocacy event urges government and the private sector, together with the general public, to answer the call for a concerted effort to avert the alarming increase in deaths due to road traffic accidents.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, an advocate of road safety and courtesy, sent a delegation of 100 staff to the running event held on September 25, 2010.

“For Shell, getting road safety right is top priority. Road safety and courtesy is embedded in Shell’s business operations since the company relies heavily on road transport, such as lorries that transport fuel from our oil distribution terminals to our gasoline stations,” said Ronald Suarez, Pilipinas Shell Sustainable Development Manager.

Aside from running road safety programs among its employees and contractors, Shell also promotes road safety in the communities surrounding its facilities. Shell has been implementing the Road Safety for Children campaign for more than a decade now.

“The Road Safety for Children workshops held for communities near Shell’s 22 oil distribution terminals throughout the country have been helpful in raising awareness on the importance of road safety among children, their parents, caregivers and teachers, and educating them on traffic rules and regulations, pedestrian safety, identification of road signages and imbibing an accident-free culture,” said Suarez.

Aside from the regular Road Safety for Children workshops, Shell, in partnership with the Automobile Association of the Philippines and Toyota Philippines, also developed the first Traffic Safety Zone in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, to showcase the benefits of an effective road safety program. Moreover, Shell is also one of the incorporating members of the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership, a multi-sector collaboration aimed to improve road safety conditions around the world.

This year’s Auto Review Run theme is “Run Fit, Drive Fit,” emphasising the importance of maintaining good health to promote safe and proper disposition when handling motor vehicles or even when using the road as a pedestrian. “Those who live healthy, active lives are often the most alert, aware drivers with fast reflexes,” Auto Review producer-host Ron de los Reyes said. “They are the motorists who are less prone to accidents and quick to adapt to the rigors and conditions of local driving,” he added. The proceeds of the 4th Auto Review Run will fund the production of road safety plugs and features for airing on Auto Review and other television shows.