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Shell Advance

“Shell Advance is very keen on what the market needs. With more small oil sump capacity motorcycles being sold on the market, we want to provide them with the “exact” oil for their bikes,” says Vanessa Ejercito, Shell Lubricants Brand and Communications Manager for the Philippines.

The new packaging also highlights Shell’s newest proposition dubbed as “Responsiveness You Can Hear”, which highlights the RCE (Reliable, Control, Enjoyable) Technology found in its motorcycle oil. This technology is designed to deliver reliable oil performance by helping remove deposits and maintain viscosity for better protection.

It also enhances control with smoother gear changes and slippage prevention while giving a more enjoyable ride by reducing vibration and engine noise. RCE Technology helps to keep bikes performing at their peak potential, creating a unique driving experience, and for most bikers who are in tune with their bike, responsiveness they can actually hear.

“The new Shell Advance ‘Responsiveness’ thrust helps demonstrate how Shell Advance is in tune with what bikers experience. As the name suggests, once bikers try it, they’ll discover they can actually hear and feel the difference in their machine’s performance.”, adds Ejercito.

In addition to innovative technology, at the heart of the development of Shell Advance is Shell’s long-standing involvement with motorcycle racing. Working closely with racing technical partners like Ducati, Shell tests and develops new formulations under the most challenging conditions, so bikers know that Shell’s race-bred oils are proven winners on the track.

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