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Sanayan sa Kakayahang Industriyal (1983-present)

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Sanayan sa Kakayahang Industriyal (SKIL) was a fitting response to the widespread unemployment problem amongst productive youth and the growing demand for middle-level craftsmen here and overseas. It benefits deserving out-of-school youths trained in various technical courses such as welding, structural pipe fitting; and small engine, refrigeration, and air conditioning repair.

Gas Mo, Bukas Ko (2007-present)

Gas mo Bukas ko

Gas Mo, Bukas Ko (GMBK) is a programme collaboration among Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC)-Retail, Shell Dealers led by the Association of Pilipinas Shell Dealers, Inc. (APSDI), and PSFI. Its main priority is to provide a better future for retail stations’ neighbouring communities through capacity building programmes. These programmes shall enhance the employable and livelihood skills of the GMBK scholars as well as develop their values and character.

GMBK is a modified SKIL program. Like SKIL, GMBK hopes to provide opportunities to the youth through technical-vocational scholarships in the hope of enhancing their employability.

Unlad sa Pasada (2010-present)

Unlad sa Pasada (USP) is another collaboration between PSFI and the PSPC Retail Group. It is a programme given to loyal members of the Pepeng Pasada Club, PSPC-Retail group’s loyalty programme for jeepney drivers and other public utility drivers. It hopes to return the support of Shell’s loyal customers by committing to improve the capacities of their dependents through free education in various industrial and entrepreneurial skills.

Driver Reward and Incentive Program (2010-present)

The Driver Reward and Incentive Program (DRIVE) of PSPC Distribution-Road Transport Group aims to increase the employability of dependents or relatives of Class A drivers of contracted haulers of PSPC, thereby increasing the opportunity of additional income for their families.

Shell-PhilDev Scholarship (2013-present)

Created out of the firm desire to support the Filipino youth in pursuing studies in science and engineering, the Shell-PhilDev Scholarship provides opportunities for them to innovate and create technologies, products, and services that can compete in the global markets and stimulate further economic growth for the Philippines. 

In partnership with The Philippine S&T Development Foundation-Manila (PhilDev), Shell, through PSFI, has supported scholars since 2013.