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Security Features - We make sure that using Shell Fuel Cards is safe and secure

We make sure that using Shell Cards is safe and secure.

Even if it’s a one-off card misuse, fraud poses a major threat both to your business and ours. So first-class security features come as standard with Shell Cards. From individual card PINs (available soon) to the option to limit card use, you can use Shell Cards with peace of mind.

  • Every card we issue has its own distinct PIN (available soon).
  • Smart Alerts to help prevent fraud.
  • You control how and where your cards can be used.
  • Shell immediately accept liability after misuse is reported.
  • Dedicated fraud teams are always on the look out for suspicious behaviour.

Individual PIN codes (available soon)

Every card we issue has its own distinct PIN code (available soon) for validating transactions — and you’re the only one who knows it — so it’s a security feature you can rely on.

Smart Alerts

Alerts to help prevent fraud. Select from purchase types and values, dates, times, areas and vehicle numbers to retain a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s refueling patterns.

Real control over your cards

  • Approve each card for national usage.
  • Choose what products each card can be used to buy — options include all or selected fuels and lubricants.
  • Order new cards or cancel existing ones.
  • Monitor all your business’s Fuel Card transactions online.

Immediate liability switch

Once we receive your cancellation confirmation in writing, Shell accepts liability on all subsequent transactions.

Dedicated fraud teams

Our dedicated cards fraud teams are on the alert for irregular behaviour and will contact you if we think there might be a problem.

At a glance
Key security features
  • Individual card PINs (available soon).
  • You control how your cards are used.
  • We constantly monitor activity to detect fraud.
  • You're not liable for misuse once it's been reported.