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Shell Advance SX2 2T Triple, premium quality, mineral, 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil, pre-diluted and undiluted

Do you ride your 2-stroke bike every day?

Shell Advance SX2 2T Triple gives very good engine protection, cleanliness, reliability and low exhaust emissions. With Dynamic Performance Additive (DPA) Technology, it helps to keep your bike’s engine clean and protected for longer.

We’ve designed Shell Advance SX2 2T Triple to help prevent exhaust system blocking and to minimise exhaust smoke. This helps protect your bike’s engine, while boosting its performance. We’ve also formulated Shell Advance SX2 2T Triple so you can use it in cold environments (-30C diluted).

Shell Advance SX2 2T Triple is a unique, premium quality mineral oil fortified with synthetic base fluid. Exclusively designed for all 2-stroke engines fitted with oil injection or premix systems, it exceeds international standards and meets leading motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements. It’s suitable for modern, touring, seasoned and classic bikes.

Formulation meets: JASO FB, ISO-L-EGB.