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That’s why we have put together experienced teams around the world who spend time finding out what bikers want from an oil, whether they ride in congested cities or on open roads. They work closely with bikers, developing new oil concepts that will meet their biking aspirations today and in the future.

Our decision to develop Shell Advance stems from this painstaking work. Over the past few years, we have discovered that bikers want an oil that provides maximum reliability, performance and cleanliness – enabling them to get the most from their bikes for longer.

Deciding what you need from an oil is one thing. Finding the right formula that will deliver the goods is another. At Shell, our formulation experience has kept us at the forefront of lubricants development for more than 100 years. Our specialists around the world understand local needs and conditions – helping us to focus on the key components needed when developing new oils.

We recognise that developing the right recipe for new oils like Shell Advance requires a full understanding of the critical and complex connections between key components such as anti-wear additives and detergents. However, like any important invention, we must test our formulations in every conceivable way before we launch them onto the market – a process that can take years.