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Chart showing how a motorcycle engine is more stressed then a car engine

Shell Advance is designed to help your engine withstand the stresses, so you get more from your bike, for longer.

Years ago, it was possible to put the same oil in bikes and cars. Since then, car and bike engines have followed different design objectives. This means that nowadays, some 600cc Japanese road bikes produce twice the bhp per litre of a sports car by using engines with running speeds approaching 15,000 rpm.

A sporty 105bhp 1.4-litre car with a 3.2-litre sump has an engine oil stress factor of approximately 23. A sporty 0.6-litre 123bhp bike with a 2.7-litre sump, on the other hand, has an engine oil stress factor of around 76 – nearly three times that of the car.

Most 4-stroke bike engines contain less oil than car engines, and that oil not only has to perform in the engine, but also has to survive the high stresses of the gearbox and allow smooth clutch operation. Bike oils have to work much harder in comparison with car oil, and this is exactly why we have developed the Shell Advance range. They are dedicated bike oils with excellent performance characteristics that are achieved by carefully blending quality base oils and applying Shell’s formulation know-how.

By selecting Shell Advance oil, you will know that you are providing Shell’s maximum protection and helping your bike to cope with these high stress levels. When you turn the throttle, you can relax with the knowledge that you will get the most out of your bike for longer.

Shell Advance oils are a special mix of top-quality synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral base oils. High-performance additives are also mixed in to provide long lasting protection against engine stress and improve cleanliness.

With less sophisticated oils, intense shear forces can lead to the breakdown of viscosity modifiers that prevent oils from becoming too thin as the temperature increases. When this breakdown occurs, small carbon particles are released into the oil and can form sludge deposits. These can lead to carbon and lacquer deposits especially on hot engine parts such as pistons and piston ring grooves, resulting in starting problems, power loss and failure to protect pistons from metal loss. With Shell Advance, this is minimised.

Preventing dirt build-up
Shell Advance technology helps to prevent the breakdown of oil in 4-stroke engines, so that the oil keeps on performing right up until the next oil change. The detergents promote component cleanliness by removing and then rendering harmless the stubborn black carbon particles that can build up rapidly on parts lubricated with less advanced formula oils.

In the harsh environment of a modern bike engine, oil degrades with time, which results in a loss of the properties it was formulated to have. This degradation leads to a build-up of acids and an increase in the oil’s viscosity, which results in a reduction in your engine’s performance and the level of protection that the oil gives to engine components. Shell Advance technology is designed to extend the life of the oil and maintain the formula – helping your engine to run as the manufacturer intended.

Shell Advance is specially formulated to take advantage of a narrower viscosity range, reducing the amount of viscosity modifiers needed to build multi-viscosity motorcycle oils. Fewer viscosity modifiers reduce the amount of dirt generated when they break down, keeping the engine cleaner for longer.

Key benefits of Shell Advance 4-stroke oils

  • Long lasting, safe lubrication due to high thermal stability.
  • Easy engine starts and protection from the outset thanks to excellent cold flow characteristics.
  • Low engine oil consumption due to high evaporative stability.
  • Long-term cleanliness through powerful antioxidant action and top quality detergents.
  • Sludge build-up is prevented by strong dispersion agents that keep carbon particles in suspension
  • Lubrication effectiveness is maximised by anti-foaming additives.
  • Acid build-up is neutralised by special additives.
Graph showing that Shell Advance VSX2 2-stroke oil keeps engines cleaner than rival top oil brands

JPI tests show that Shell Advance VSX2 2-stroke oil keeps engines cleaner than rival top oil brands. The higher the number, the cleaner the engine.

Graph showing that Shell Advance VSX2 2-stroke oil has lower levels of cylinder head deposits than rival top oil brands

Cylinder head cover deposits. The higher the number, the more deposits.

Graph showing that Shell Advance VSX2 2-stroke oil has lower levels of piston deposits than rival top oil brands

Piston deposits. The higher the number, the more deposits.

Shell Advance motorcycle oil is specially selected to provide Shell’s maximum protection to all key parts of a 2-stroke engine, especially the pistons, bearings and exhaust system. The choice of additives selected depends on the amount of stress and chemical attack that the bike components need to withstand.

2-stroke oil is fed into the bike via the fuel system. The oil and the important additives that protect it are continually consumed by combustion and replaced with a new fuel oil charge. As a result, the oil is only exposed to the moving parts for a very short space of time before it is consumed by combustion. It is therefore very important that the oil is of a high quality to provide the protection the engine needs.

Shell Advance is exclusively formulated to help keep bike engines and exhausts clean. Using less sophisticated oils may result in higher friction and more wear to the bike leading to piston and cylinder scuffing, piston ring sticking and bearing seizure - problems that all affect your bike’s performance and ride. Shell Advance also helps to minimise deposits during combustion, reducing the likelihood of blockages that can eventually lead to engine seizure.

Using Shell Advance also safeguards the engine from corrosion and helps to prevent other problems such as spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, exhaust system blockage and excessive smoke. All this adds up to a cleaner engine and exhaust system, helping you get the most out of your bike for longer.

In comparison with other leading brands, tests show that using Shell Advance VSX 2 results in less carbon-based deposit formation on different types of pistons and cylinder heads. Higher levels of deposits can affect bike performance and damage components.

Key features of Shell Advance 2-stroke oils
  • Low exhaust smoke production.
  • Effective control against exhaust system blocking.
  • High quality anti-wear protection.
  • Preservation of power.
  • High level of lubrication to ensure that the moving parts are protected from metal-to-metal contact.
  • Meets or exceeds highest international specifications (JASO, ISO, API).