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RCE technology:

  • delivers exceptional Reliability of oil performance through careful formulation of the highest quality additives and base oils to enhance engine protection. Find out more about Reliability here.
  • enhances Control by helping to optimise gear changes, smooth clutch engagement and prevent slippage. Find out more about Control here.
  • increases ride Enjoyment by reducing vibration and dampening engine noise. Find out more about Enjoyment here.

RCE technology delivers reliability of oil performance

Oil performance reliability leads to enhanced engine protection, thereby improving the reliability of your vehicle. Shell Advance products offer protection in five vital areas: start-up, oxidation control, piston deposit control, sludge control and valve train and gear protection.

Start-up protection
Engine wear begins as soon as the engine is started, so the low-temperature viscosity of lubricants is crucial for the protection and the smooth running of a bike. A cold-cranking simulator test checks the low-temperature performance of lubricants when starting a cold engine. These tests have shown that Shell Advance oils help to maintain the right viscosity and protect the engine from the moment it starts.

Graph showing Shell Advance Ultra having best flow rate then AX7 followed by AX5 then AX3

Tests have shown that Shell Advance Ultra can flow up to 28% faster than a conventional mineral-based oil (such as Shell Advance AX3) at ambient temperature.

Oxidation control

Over time, the oil in your bike will degrade. This process leads to a build-up of acids and increasing oil viscosity, which reduce your engine’s performance and the protection that the oil can offer. The superior oxidation control of Shell Advance oil helps to maintain your bike’s performance and protect its engine for longer.

Shell Advance motorcycle oils contain special antioxidant agents that help to counteract the oil degradation and maintain its viscosity.

Graph showing comparsion of oxidation control. Shell Advance Ultra beat all competitors tested.

The API Sequence IIIF and IIIG engine tests measure oxidative oil thickening over simulated high-temperature motorway service conditions. The oil viscosity after the test is compared against the original fresh oil. The chart shows the percentage less oxidative thickening versus the allowed limits in the Sequence IIIF and IIIG tests. Shell Advance beat the test limits across the product range.

Piston deposit control

If pistons are not kept clean, ring sticking, start-up problems or engine seizure may occur. The additives we use in Shell Advance oils help to keep piston rings moving freely, clean the engine, neutralise the corrosive acids that form when fuel is burned and maintain oil viscosity at high temperatures without causing unwanted deposits.

Graph showing Shell Advance Ultra having best pistion deposit control then AX7, AX5 and AX3

Standard industry tests such as API Sequence IIIF and IIIG show excellent piston deposit control, even for Shell Advance AX3, and increasing performance as you go up the tiers.

Photos of piston deposits from Shell Advance AX5 compared to other brands. AX5 beat all tested oils

These are images of pistons taken from bike engines that were put through stringent field trials (11,00 km in the tough driving environment of Bangkok). Pistons from bikes that ran on Shell Advance AX5 were much cleaner than those running on other oils.

Sludge control

The intense heat and shear forces generated by motorbike engines can break down your oil and release small carbon particles into the engine. Over time, these could accumulate and form sludge deposits. Shell Advance products are designed to remove these carbon particles, which helps to maintain engine performance and high levels of protection.

Graph showing Shell Advance Ultra having best sludge control then AX7, AX5 and AX3

Industry-standard API Sequence VG tests have shown that the special additives used in Shell Advance oils give much better sludge ratings compared with the allowed limits, and that performance increases as you go up the tiers.

Valve train and gear protection

The valve train is a crucial part of the engine where there is high-pressure contact at very high temperatures. It is important to minimise wear on this critical engine component. Shell Advance products offer excellent valve train protection.

RCE technology delivers control

Graph showing Shell Advance AX3 valve wear against a competitor brand. AX3 beat the competitior oil.

A Shell-designed wear rig was used to simulate the valve-train wear performance between two oils. The test, which is designed to replicate actual engine conditions, shows that Shell Advance AX3 gave a much lower wear scar volume compared to the equivalent competitor oil.

Graph showing Shell Advance Ultra having best valve wear protection then AX7, AX5 and AX3

The API Sequence IVA test evaluates a lubricant’s performance in preventing valve train wear. Test results show good valve train wear protection even for Advance AX3, with increasing performance as you go up the tiers.

Friction is a vital force for bikers. Most motorbikes, unlike cars, have a wet clutch, so oil performance in the clutch assembly is vital for smooth acceleration and efficient power transfer. The most crucial and hardest working components of a motorcycle clutch are the clutch plates. Having the correct amount of friction between the plates leads to a smooth acceleration, giving the biker a feeling of control over the bike.

If there is too little friction the clutch plate may slip and reduce or even prevent acceleration. If there is too much friction, the clutch plates may stick and cause shudder. Shell Advance oils deliver proven friction control, which helps them to meet the JASO MA and JASO MA2 standards.

RCE technology delivers a more enjoyable ride

Diagram showing Shell Advance oil clutch plate performance

Having optimum friction between the clutch plates gives the biker a feeling of control over the bike.

Unlike car drivers, who are well insulated from engine noise, bikers sit almost directly on the engine. This makes noise and vibration important factors in the riding experience.

Shell Advance motorcycle oils, AX7 and Ultra, contain viscosity improvers that make them highly shear stable, which helps to dampen vibration and reduce engine noise.

As you choose higher tiers in the Shell Advance range, the shear stability parameters improve significantly.

Graphs showing Shell Advance oil shear stability performance beating all tested competitors.

Shell Advance AX7 and Shell Advance Ultra both offer outstanding shear stability performance.