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Tried and tested on the track by our passionate team of scientists, Shell Helix is continuously developed to keep engines in top condition. It is designed to provide:

  • Better protection by removing deposits from dirty engine parts
  • Improved fuel efficiency and easier cold starting
  • Reduced oil consumption and therefore reduced oil top-ups
  • Smoother, quieter drive

The hard work of our scientists has led to a range of Shell Helix products.
If you’re using Shell FuelSave Unleaded, an oil change to Shell Helix Ultra E* helps deliver additional fuel savings. Our latest fully synthetic motor oil increases engine efficiency and cleans and protects for maximum performance. Shell Helix Ultra E also has lighter viscosity, improving fuel consumption.

* When changing oil from 15W-40 conventional mineral oil to Shell Helix Ultra E.

Shell Helix HX7, another synthetic motor oil, was created to give you up to 19% more protection than other synthetic technology brands tested. Plus, there’s also Shell Helix HX5. It’s up to 20% more effective at removing sludge from dirty engines than normal engine oils.