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The screen opens with a globe of the world slowly spinning around and country names appear – Rome, Hong Kong, Rio, New York and Monte Carlo. An arrow traces this journey around the world. “Circuit, the making of”.

We now see lots of old Ferrari cars in different environments from the film shoot, including a tree-lined street and a Shell service station. Cameras and filming equipment is shown, as are Ferraro and Shell Formula One technicians. Everything is being meticulously placed and organised, even including retouching a driver’s helmet!

There are now two cameramen in front of the Coliseum and an old Ferrari drives past on old Italian roads. We see the car drive past with a camera hooked on the front carefully capturing all of the action.

We now see a Ferrari F312B being filmed from a moving car and the cameramen are carefully capturing all of the action. The car now drives down a street in Hong Kong and people are almost deafened by the noise of the car!

A helicopter takes off and we see a Ferrari 312 on a wet road, bringing up mist as it drives past. We see a Ferrari F310B driving down a street in Rio which then takes a corner on a busy main street filled with people. Crowds are amazed by the sights and sounds of the Ferrari car.

We are now in New York and see a Ferrari 312 being driven in New York. The streets are empty except the cars, the driver and the filming crew. The car drives down an empty Broadway onto Times Square. New York crowds are desperately trying to capture a glimpse of the amazing scenes.

Crowds of Shell and Ferrari technicians and the film director are carefully discussing the car can carefully drive around the windy streets of Monaco. The Ferrari F2003GA drives along the streets in front of the harbour.

We now see the F248 pull into a Shell service station where a pump attendant fills the car with Shell V-Power after being timed. The drive starts again, from the Coliseum.

We see the Shell Made to Move monolith.