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In 1997, Shell once again pushed the boundaries of what was believed to be technically possible with a daring and impressive display deep in the Mojave Desert to celebrate the launch of Shell V-Power.

The clip begins as a multi-coloured blurred image with red as the predominant centre to the video. The bottom left reads, "Mojave Desert, USA 1997," which remains in that location throughout the clip.

The sound of a Ferrari intensifies gradually the camera focus clears and the front of a red Ferrari F1 car appears on screen driving straight at the viewer.

A quick succession of various camera angle shots shows the driver, in helmet, from multiple angles, ending with an aerial view of the Ferrari on a runway.

The screen cuts away to a blurred image in which the propellers of an aircraft can be seen in rotation. A pilot can be heard speaking into a radio.

The aircraft gradually comes into clear view as the Ferrari F1 car passes, at which point the viewer can clearly see the aircraft from the front.

The view shifts to the pilot in the cockpit as the plane descends upon the runway just above the Ferrari F1 car.

The aircraft descends behind the Ferrari as the pilot views the Ferrari on screen from the cockpit.

The view cuts to behind the Ferrari, and the aircraft flies over.

Maintaining a constant speed with the Ferrari the pilot pushes the control button releasing the refuelling nozzle. The refuelling pipe extends and reaches towards the Ferrari, finally attaching itself to the gas tank.

The screen cuts to a shot of the interior of the car and witnesses the petrol flowing in.

The video cuts back to show the aircraft connected to the Ferrari with the refuelling pipe travelling through the desert. The view shifts from side, to front, to back, and then back to the front as the propellers move in slow motion. During this, the music builds up and crescendos in the background.

The music continues as the video cuts to the Ferrari driver, and then to the pilot as the Ferrari advances and detaches from the refuelling aircraft.

The aircraft then flies over head as the view shifts to show the Shell pecten on the fin of the plane and then adjusts to show the pecten on the Ferrari F1 car.

The view again cuts to behind the Ferrari moving forward as the words, "Winning is the passion," appear.

The final shot shows the Shell aircraft flying away with the words, "the fuel is Shell." appearing on screen.