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About Shell Bitumen

Since the late nineteenth century, demand for bitumen has been increasing – a demand Shell has helped to meet. Shell began major bitumen production in the UK in 1920 with the opening of the Shell Haven refinery. Today, we manufacture bitumen at refineries around the world and are one of the leaders in research into new bitumen and asphalt applications.

Business segments

Business segments

We support our infrastructure customers throughout the world. Our effective paving solutions can help you keep communities on the move to improve trade and access to services, and to build safer and more attractive places to live. We offer solutions to cater to a wide range of needs:

  • Main Roads
  • Urban Roads
  • Rural Roads
  • Heavy Duty
  • Industry


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Besides standard Penetration Grades and Oxidised Bitumen products, Shell Bitumen has developed a comprehensive specialist product portfolio designed to meet the needs of every user, industrial, professional or domestic.

Shell Bitumen products are tailored to meet the needs of asphalt manufacturers, road builders, construction, government, communities, asset owners, designers and architects – giving usable and effective solutions for all manner of markets.

Our extensive product portfolio includes:

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Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business's impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.
Health and safety
Shell Bitumen is wholly committed to the health and safety of drivers, customers and suppliers. Stringent policies and procedures ensure that safety is always at the top of the agenda.
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