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Designed to meet challenges

Shell Lubricants

Leading lubricant brands

At Shell Lubricants, we use our leading technology to bring you innovative oils and greases designed to meet your challenges. Our extensive range includes our ultimate-performance synthetic lubricants, which offer outstanding protection, long lubricant life and system efficiency.

Our international team of on-the-ground lubricant experts has experience in your industry. These people can help you to reduce your total cost of equipment ownership by maximising the value of using Shell lubricants. The benefits are proven in real-life applications. Ask us how our technology-leading products can enhance your operations.

In This Section

Developing leading lubricants technologies is not enough for us. We need to know that our innovative oils and greases provide real-world value.

Shell has a comprehensive range of products and services, including its latest synthetic-technology products, designed to add value to your operations.

Shell offers an exceptional choice of oils and greases. From the latest-technology synthetic products to tried-and-tested mainstream lubricants.

Shell Tactic EMV Single-Point Lubricators. Serviceable electro-mechanical lubricators with variable timer settings for precise and reliable lubrication.

Shell transport lubricants products.


Portfolio relaunch questions and answers

Shell Product Plus Services comprise a suite of lubricant-related services offering you expert advice and support along with practical tools and training.

Leading technology for exceptional protection, long life and system efficiency

Shelly, Emma and Ethan are Shell's new Virtual Assistants.