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Heavy duty lithium complex grease with 3% moly for high load bearings where temperatures up to 150 d

Cost Savings via

  • Reduce grease consumption as grease provides, as a result of the Lithium complex thickener used:
         =  no leakage at high temperature (above 120°C)
         =  excellent resistance to water washout
         =  no softening/leakage under vibrations & mechanical stress
  • Lower waste grease disposal costs that results from lower usage
  • Lower total labour costs, due to the extended lubrication intervals & less downtime that results from using a specialist, very high performance product
  • Avoidance of the use of costly synthetic products, when high quality mineral oil based products offer comparable performance in many areas at a lower unit price

Peace of Mind via

  • Availability of Shell expertise, to assist in safely developing the cost savings available from the wide range of Shell products
  • No Health & Safety problems, as Shell Albida EP is free from lead & nitrite & does not require labelling (vs EC requirements)
  • Proven product that has been demonstrated to work in a wide range of applications (e.g., multi-purpose high temperature grease in cement plants and steel mills).

Convenience via

  • Reduction of the number of greases as Shell ALBIDA EP can be used in most of the conditions (water, temperature, load,..)
  • Guaranteed suitable lubrication of equipment world-wide, as product is part of the International SeaShell range of products, which can be found throughout the world

Key Industry Sectors & Applications

  • Steel, Mining, Cement, Paper, Chemical, General Engineering and many others

Recommended as a multi purpose grease for ball, roller & plain bearing applications at high temperature under the following conditions:

  • Heavy loads
  • High levels of vibration
  • Water rich environments

Operating Temperature Range

Shell Albida EP is recommended for use over the temperature range -20°C to 150°C

Health & Safety

Shell Albida EP is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application, and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained. For further guidance on Product Health & Safety refer to the appropriate Shell Material  Safety Data Sheet.

Typical Physical Characteristics

These characteristics are typical of current production.  Whilst future production will conform to Shell's specification variations in these characteristics may occur.

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