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From conception over 50 years ago as a cost effective and reliable waterproof coating, the Shell Flintkote product range has expanded to create an integrated portfolio of products that are designed to work together, offering a seamless barrier to keep water out.


  • easy to apply
  • water based
  • high resistance to weathering
  • non-hazardous
  • ready mixed
  • strong elastomeric properties


Shell Flintkote products are ideal for use in:

  • waterproofing wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens, toilets
  • waterproofing metal roofs
  • waterproofing blockwork and concrete structures
  • Flintkote Mastic Flooring
  • waterproofing flat concrete roofs
  • waterproofing mastic asphalt roofs
  • treatment of water tanks
  • protection of steelworks
  • waterproofing of ironworks

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Shell Flintkote Colourflex

Shell Flintkote Colourflex is a premium quality coloured elastomeric coating for exposed waterproofing and decoration. It is a unique one part water-based tripolymer coating designed to cure to form a tough but elastic waterproofing membrane bonded securely to the substrate. Shell Flintkote Colourflex is UV resistant and is specifically designed for exterior waterproofing applications with no ponding situations.


  • Single pack: No mixing; easy to apply.
  • Available in different colours: Helps facilitate architectural design and monitoring of multi-coats application.
  • Seamless: No laps and joints during application.
  • Secure bonding to the substrate: Helps prevent the spread of water beneath membrane.
  • Elastic: Helps withstand normal thermal movement of the substrate without cracking.
  • Excellent UV resistance: Suitable for exterior applications.
  • Water-based: No harmful vapour; non-hazardous; easy clean up with water during wet.

How can it be used?

Shell Flintkote can be applied on concrete, fibrous cement sheet, concrete block, render, brick, metal and bituminous membrane.

It can also used in exposed situations like exposed roofing, podium decks, box gutters, external wall, parapet walls, window and balcony dooring sills.

Shell Flintkote Decoralt

Shell Flintkote Decoralt is a a water-borne colour coating with mineral fibres which dries to a matt slip-resistant finish. It is designed for use as decorative, protective and reflective coating on concrete, brick work, mastic and over bituminous coatings.


  • Ready-for-use without mixing
  • Water-based
  • Good light and heat reflectivity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High resistance to weathering

How can it be used?

  • A decorative, protective, reflective and weather resistant colour coating for use over stable bituminous surfaces eg waterproofing membrane, roofing felt, bitumen coated masonry and mastic asphalt.
  • A colour coating on asphalt or concrete paths and asphalt surfacing for tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.
  • As a durable decorative coating on exterior concrete, brick or masonry.
  • A line marking paint on parking bays.

Shell Flintkote Decoralt should not be regarded as a porous coating allowing breathing of substrate. It is not suitable for use over surfaces which are permanently immersed in water eg swimming pools and water tanks. In roof application, adequate drainage falls has to be provided to avoid ponding water.