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The Shell Partner Card is a brand new product that joins the Shell Card portfolio. We aim to build propositions that will add value and empower our customers by providing more flexible ways to do business with Shell.  The Shell Partner Card provides our business customers, their subcontractors and network with a secure and efficient way to buy fuels and access to a range of other great services.

How is this fuel card innovation different from the current post pay Shell Card?

Set limits to consume where it will not refresh monthly

Set your preferred denomination similar to a prepaid card

Allocate funds anytime

Replenish funds anytime

Manage and allocate funds for your subcontractors and networks 24/7 through the use of Partner Card Online.

Pay only for the consumed amount

Pay only for the consumed amount

Pay only for the amount consumed by your subcontractors and not entire the amount of funds allocated to each card.

Shell card online

Partner Card Online

Manage your partner card account through the use of Partner Card Online anytime.

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Continue enjoying Shell Card Benefits

We've spent years of research and development to formulate high-quality fuels that help keep you on the road. You can use your Shell Partner Card to pay for any of our range of high-quality fuels nationwide because Shell offers one of the largest networks of sites across the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

At a glance
At a glance
Key benefits
  • Set your preferred denomination similar to a prepaid card
  • Replenish funds anytime
  • Pay only the amount that has been consumed
  • One simple invoice for your whole fleet
  • Control, Safety, and Security
  • Access to one of the largest networks across the Philippines
At a glance
At a glance
Ideal for you
  • Logistic/Hauling Sub-contractors
  • Construction Sub-contractors
  • Distributors
  • Employee Incentives for fuel card
  • Members who need fuel card
  • Business initiatives/campaigns needing 1 time fuel card
  • Other specific B2B initiatives

How it works?

  • Current Shell Card account, fills up partner account application form. Link Partner Card account to existing Shell Card account – using the existing credit limit to allocate limits on sub-contractor cards
  • Individual partner accounts created (all independent), and customer orders cards as required
  • Each card can be assigned a top-up amount – once this amount is spent, the card cannot be used to purchase fuel until a new limit allocation is made by customer.
  • All sub-contractor transactions are aggregated and added to customer’s  invoice. Invoice paid according to Shell Card payment terms. Only completed transactions are invoiced. Outstanding balances on cards are not invoiced until spent