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a girl filling fuel in a red car

Shell FuelSave Unleaded is designed to help save fuel.

Our scientists have developed Shell FuelSave Unleaded to help deliver real fuel saving benefits for our customers, at no additional cost.

We know that keeping your fleet running is vital to your business. That’s why our high quality fuels are designed to be as efficient as possible and keep engines in peak performance.

  • Designed for efficiency, to help you save fuel
  • Lubricates inside the engine to reduce energy loss
  • Keeps inlet valves clean to maintain performance
  • Improved engine efficiency, lower fuel bills

Designed to help you save fuel

Enriched with Shell Efficiency Improver, our most advanced fuel economy formula to date, Shell FuelSave Unleaded is designed to save you money over the lifetime of your vehicles.

This advanced additive helps lubricate the parts of the engine that normal oils can’t reach, helping engine parts can to turn more freely, and making more energy available to drive the wheels.

Formulated to save fuel from the very first fill up

See real savings in fuel consumption over the lifetime of your vehicles, with a fuel designed to keep engines running more efficiently, for longer.

Get the most out of every drop

We know fuel costs are a big part of your business, that’s why Shell FuelSave Unleaded is formulated for economy, helping you save fuel with every journey.

Maintain engine performance

Our powerful detergent prevents inlet valve deposits forming, keeping valves clean and engines running more efficiently.

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