The North Mindanao Import Facility in Cagayan de Oro City aims to secure a more sustainable energy future to cater to the growing energy needs of millions of residents, motorists, and consumers in Visayas and Mindanao.

Shell Pilipinas Corporation’s North Mindanao Import Facility (NMIF), the company’s latest landmark project in Mindanao, officially commenced operations last July 19, 2016.

The state-of-the-art import facility with 90-million-liter capacity is the first of its kind in the Philippines equipped to receive medium-range (MR) vessels. NMIF, now the biggest facility in the Philippines for Shell outside its Tabangao Refinery in Batangas, serves as a game changer for the Visayas and Mindanao region, as the company’s previous major energy investments have been concentrated in Luzon.

“NMIF is very important for Shell because number one, it provides energy security for Visayas and Mindanao. Number two, it enables a more efficient and economical supply chain for the country. Most importantly, it will reduce the overall maritime risks because of the shorter lead times for vessels to transport petroleum products,” said Shell Distribution Operations Manager for Southeast Asia Dennis Gamab.

The facility supports the government’s thrust to promote development and to upgrade the downstream infrastructure, improving the country’s energy resilience through an increase in oil stockpile. It contributes to increased security of energy supply by providing substantial storage for finished petroleum products.

“While this project supports Shell’s vision of building a more robust and resilient supply chain in the country, NMIF also aligns with the thrust of Department of Energy to promote investments in the energy sector and promises to boost the potential of Mindanao as a major economic hub,” Gamab added.

Department of Energy Undersecretary Donato Marcos also highlighted the contribution of NMIF to the projected overall growth of Mindanao. “It is true that sustained economic growth requires the provision of adequate energy for homes, commerce and industry. Mindanao definitely needs a vibrant and dynamic energy sector to bring about sustained economic growth. I must congratulate Pilipinas Shell for its full support for the government’s policy thrust to attract more energy investments,” said Marcos. 

Working for a sustainable future

NMIF supports Shell’s objective to spur the Philippine economy through new energy investments. A new journey awaits the NMIF Team with the start of official operations – being an additional source point for fuels that can be distributed to depots in Visayas and Mindanao, as well as storage facility for finished petroleum products.

As a good corporate neighbour, Shell continues to implement various development-oriented programmes for the residents of the fence line communities through its social development arm, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. These include initiatives on safety, livelihood, environment and disaster resilience, among others.

The import facility signifies Shell’s support towards nation-building. It is a symbol of Shell’s long-term commitment to the country for a more sustainable future that promises to usher economic progress and fuel nation-building for the present and future generations of Filipinos.