The 105th year of Pilipinas Shell is a time for us to reflect on the progress of our efforts to build the nation, improve the lives of Filipinos, and innovate ways to protect and advocate for the environment. All of the things listed below are just some of the efforts that we are proud of. They inspire us to do even better and go even further.

Energy alternatives

We continue to support the nation’s progress by serving 30% of the country’s energy needs. Shell remains an active player in the joint Malampaya project, while providing other sources of energy for off-grid communities.

Gas-to-liquid innovation

Shell’s gas-to-liquid technology converts natural gas, the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon, into high-quality liquid products – everything from transport fuels and motor oils to the components of printing ink. This helps reduce emissions from industries that traditionally use crude oil, while helping meet growing energy demands.

Personal and market support

Nearly 4,000 Filipino Shell Business Operations employees service multiple markets, through Human Resources, Finance, OTD, Customer Operations, and Contracting & Procurement. And Shell encourages and empowers every one of them to have a voice, and pursue any passions for mentoring, inclusion, diversity, or social good.

Skills development

By creating opportunities for skills development and providing necessary resources for quality education, Shell helps disadvantaged Filipinos reach for a brighter future.

Wildlife preservation

In Mindoro, the endemic wildlife catch basin of the south, Shell, through the Mindoro Biodiversity and Conservation Foundation Inc., continues to support projects geared towards awareness, appreciation, and action for the good of the Philippine wildlife.

Malaria elimination

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Movement Against Malaria, a health program that Shell has championed in partnership with the Department of Health, to ensure the elimination of malaria. We’ve gone from 58 malaria-ridden provinces in 1999 to four malaria-affected provinces in 2019.

Powering progress

As a whole, Shell is committed to pushing for progressiveness – through supporting education and the arts, encouraging modernity in agriculture, providing local options for infrastructure, and so much more.

We look forward to doing even more and being the Philippines’ active partner for the future. Because 105 years in, while we still feel as young as when we started, Shell has so much more to offer.

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