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Protecting Costs in General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing Total Cost of Ownership

Our experts have helped customers make $139m in savings worldwide1. Together, we can help you by considering the end-to-end impact on maintenance budgets and processes, as well as costs related to lost production during equipment downtime.

In manufacturing, the impact of lubrication on maintenance costs is critical. There are two ways in which you can lower your total cost of ownership2: ensuring that you use the most appropriate lubricant for each type of equipment; and understanding and implementing effective lubricant management.

With productivity paramount, customers are seeking to increase output capacity by minimising unplanned equipment shutdowns and extending maintenance cycles3. Machinery is required to work under higher temperatures, greater power density and higher operating pressures. Shell’s experts work to meet the demands of changing machinery, ensuring that the right lubricants and lubrication practices are in place to reduce the total cost of machinery ownership for customers.

At Shell, our expertise goes beyond producing high quality lubricants: Shell Lubricant Solutions has long-standing relationships with many OEMs and a portfolio of products which now has over 3,000 approvals or equipment manufacturer recommendations; our technical specialists can help you to optimise your lubrication management, and ensure that your workforce is trained in this essential discipline. This will maximise equipment efficiency, help reduce energy consumption and operating costs, raise productivity, product quality and equipment uptime and extend component life through the most effective lubrication.

Shell’s experts ensure that the right lubricants and lubrication practices are in place to reduce the total cost of machinery ownership for customers.

Based on savings delivered to Shell Lubricants customers.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined by Shell Lubricants as the total amount spent on the equipment, incl. cost of acquisition and operation over its entire working life, and costs from lost production during downtime.

Based on research commissioned by Shell Lubricants, conducted by Edelman Intelligence (Nov - Dec 2015.)

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