Engineer repairing steam turbine blade with grinder in workshop

Meeting Energy Demands

Optimizing your turbine to meet growing energy demand.

Optimising Your Gas Turbine to Meet Growing Energy Demand

A growing population means a growing demand for energy, which in turn, means growing pressure on the power equipment that keeps the world’s lights on. At the centre of this equation are powerful gas turbines, forced to worked around the clock in the pursuit of reliable energy output.

Operating these turbines maintenance teams are required to keep equipment turning or else face the expensive ramifications of unscheduled downtime. As maintenance staff and machine alike work harder to keep operations online, they face a range of pressures that can potentially spell disaster, including:

  • Thermal stability and oxidation issues, resulting from high temperatures
  • Sticky servo valves and blocked oil filters, caused by deposit formation
  • Varnishing on the thrust and journal bearings, which can disrupt heat transfer

Watch the video below as our lubrication experts explain how these dangers can be mitigated by choosing the right turbine oil for the application at hand.

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