Using the right lubricants can significantly improve your operations

Shell LubeAdvisor is specifically designed to ensure that you use the right Shell oil, at the right time, every time. By helping you to improve the lubrication and maintenance practice of your equipment and vehicles, significant benefits can be achieved, increasing productivity, limiting downtime, and ultimately providing you with a competitive advantage.

The Shell LubeAdvisor service is delivered through highly trained Shell technical staff consisting of office-based technical helpdesks and field-based lubrication engineers. In addition, there are a number of helpful and convenient tools you can utilise, with the complete Shell LubeAdvisor service offering you a wealth of engineering, technical and application knowledge.

The Shell LubeAdvisor suite


24/7 technical help is available via Shell LubeMatch and Shell LubeAdvisor websites

Trained technical support

On-site or over the phone, Shell technical representatives are on hand to help solve your lubrication-related problems and answer your lubrication and product questions

Detailed plant assessment

Our field-based engineers are there to help you identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings by improving lubrication and maintenance practices

Lubrication surveys

With our field-based engineers on site we can help identify all your lubrication requirements, the products needed and recommended maintenance intervals

Find out more about LubeAdvisor

To find out more about the LubeAdvisor service please use our contact page to speak to a Shell representative. If you’re an existing customer click the button below to visit Shell LubeAdvisor.

Visit Shell LubeAdvisor

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