Shell Card

List of Requirements:

Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Corporation
1. Application Forms A and B 1. Application Forms A, B, and C
2. Signed Terms and Conditions 2. Signed Terms and Conditions
3. Notarized Certificate of Representation & Warranty 3. Notarized Certificate of Representation & Warranty
4. PEZA/NOI Certification 4. PEZA/NOI Certification
5. Photocopy of valid IDs (2) with 3 specimen signatures 5. Article of Incorporation
6. Latest Mayor’s Permit 6. 2-year Comparative Audited Financial Statements or 3 months Bank Statement for newly established companies
7. 2-year Comparative Audited Financial Statements or 3 months Bank Statement for newly established companies 7. BIR2303 (Certificate of Registration)
8. BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration) 8. Latest General Information Sheet


Bulk Fuels Account for Road Transport

List of Requirements:

  1. Articles of Incorporation or Partnership with By-Laws
  2. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Licenseto Transact Business in the Philippines (only applicable for FOREIGN COMPANIES)
  3. Latest Audited Financial Statement
  4. Duly notatized Board Resolution (especially for those designating signing authorities) or Secretary's Certification (with designating signatories for Pilipinas Shell)
  5. Tax Identification Number / BIR Registration (Form 2303)
  6. PEZA, BOI or Presidential decree or any supporting document that will justify zero-rated or tax exemption, if applicable
  7. A copy of the BIR Registration (and Notice for Inclusion as Top 20,000 Private Corporations, if applicable)
  8. A copy of VAT Exempt Certificate if applicable
  9. A copy of Excise Duty Certificate (if applicable)
  10. Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) & Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for MINING CUSTOMERS only
  11. CDSS Cards
  12. CCSS Sheets (only applicable for Sole Proprietors)

More in Shell Commercial Road Transport

Supply Network

Shell has an extensive supply network including a fuel import facility in Batangas City, and depots strategically located throughout the country.


Shell Commercial Road Transport offers a wide range of products and services to manage your fleet effectively, making your daily tasks simpler.


With a wealth of financial and fleet information at your fingertips, you have all the data you need to run your fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively through Shell Fleet Hub.