Shell Fuel Save

Improved fleet efficiency

Specially formulated to help provide better fuel economy and more load-pulling power, our fuel enables your vehicles to cover more miles reliably and at lower operating costs - so you can save more, to invest more.

Up to 5.28% more load-pulling power.

Demonstrating up to 5.70% fuel economy.

Truck Driver

Reduced total cost of ownership

Our dual detergent technology works to actively clean up injector deposits and to protect your engine. This results in fewer equipment breakdowns and less maintenance costs, and in turn more time on the road, and more savings for your bottom line.

Over 40% recovery of fuel economy and power in less than 5 working days.

Demonstrating up to 8.9% fuel economy from Shell FuelSave Diesel and premium Shell lubricants used together.


Sustainability at Shell


With Shell FuelSave Diesel’s help, you can reduce your fleet’s environmental impact in a number of ways:

  • Carbon footprint: Lowering CO₂ emissions through better fuel economy
  • Community care: Less black smoke produced thanks to more efficient combustion
  • Compliance: Supporting use of biofuels through dehazing action and improved fuel stability

More in Shell Commercial Road Transport

Supply Network

Shell has an extensive supply network including a fuel import facility in Batangas City, and depots strategically located throughout the country.


With a wealth of financial and fleet information at your fingertips, you have all the data you need to run your fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively through Shell Fleet Hub.


Helping you to achieve carbon neutrality.