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Make CO₂ offset work for your business

We calculate and compensate your CO₂ emissions. It is integrated into your current processes and invoice.

Step 1: You opt-in to compensate the CO₂ e emissions from your fleet. Your drivers use the Shell Card to refuel as usual.

Step 2: Shell tracks your fleet’s overall fuel consumption and calculates the associated CO₂ e lifecycle emissions.

Step 3: Shell compensates these emissions through our global portfolio of carbon credits form nature-based projects and other CO₂ compensation projects.

Step 4: Shell will purchase carbon credits equivalent to the amount of your fleets’ emissions and issue a yearly retirement certificate confirming that the fuel has been compensated. Charges will be applied to your account.


  • Continue to show climate leadership
  • Meet your carbon emissions commitments
  • Appeal to your customers & employees
  • Create long-term sustainability value to your business

Offer Mechanics

  • Once you sign up for the voluntary carbon offset, Shell will offset the carbon emissions for all your fuel purchases using Shell Card
  • CO₂ agreement duration is one year
  • An additional fee per liter will be charged to your account for CO₂ offset
  • Your company can claim your fleet is driving carbon neutral

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