We launched Shell Fleet App in 2022 with a vision: to help small business owners do the work that matters.

Our customers tend to be a passionate lot. They start their businesses to address a need and make their communities a better place. Unfortunately, a lot of paperwork and admin tasks goes into running a business and that can take many of our customers away from their greater purpose.

Our app serves small business owners by making admin easier for them, giving them more time and freedom to do the work they love. Through the Shell Fleet App, business owners can sign up for fleet cards digitally and keep track of all their fuel and lubricants expenses in one place. They can also keep paperwork to a minimum, with digital invoicing and automated payments. We can help simplify all the administrative bits of owning a business and leave the best parts to you.

The other great thing about Shell Fleet App? We’re constantly adapting and evolving it to fit our customers’ needs. We have taken your feedback and used it to drive a host of customer-driven improvements to our product. These are the three key highlights that will enhance your fleet management journey with us:

Sign up in 5 minutes, in 5 steps
You’ll notice that the new app looks and feels very different. But that’s not all. Thanks to our automated business checks and improved onboarding journey, you’ll be able to sign up in five steps, in five minutes!

Increased credit limit
With our enhancement on background checks, eligible businesses can now enjoy a greater monthly credit limit of up to Php 250,000. This means better cashflow management for your business to focus on growth.

New ‘Pay Now’ Link
If your automated payments are not working, you don’t have to wait for us to electronically collect again. You can settle your overdue balances straight away by using the Pay Now link on the home screen, which appears whenever a payment is late.

We are committed to improving our customers’ experience with Shell Fleet App and will continue to stay close to what our fleet owner customers need. Stay tuned for a bigger and better Shell Fleet App in the days to come!