But you have more agency than you think. Every little bit counts in the journey to net-zero emissions. Best of all, you can join the cause today with a few simple steps:

1. Drive like you have a glass of water on top of your car

As much as 33 percent of your fuel consumption will be affected by driver behaviour. A defensive driving style contributes to both safety and fuel efficiency. Encourage your drivers to develop a habit of cruising at a consistent, balanced pace rather than pressing down hard on the accelerator or brakes.

2. Put your vehicles on a diet

When your fleet is overweight, your wallets will be groaning. Even a roof rack would add an extra 20% to your fuel spend. Imagine how much it would cost you if the rest of your vehicle was full. Travel light to avoid extra drag and strategically cut costs.

3. The hardest work is to go idle

Driving for short trips and leaving your parked car idle may seem like convenient decisions at the time. However, you will end up repenting at leisure. Use your vehicle only for longer trips and always turn it off when parked for more than 10 seconds to avoid wear and tear and realize significant savings in the long run.

4. Don’t skimp on fuel

Counterintuitive, we know. But using a lower grade of fuel than what your vehicle is accustomed to will always take its toll. Instead, ensure your engine is serviced and maintained regularly and always use the oil specified on the flap.

5. Invest the right solutions

A fuel card is your key to savings. Using the right one will grant you access to exclusive discounts and perks you may not otherwise access, as well as grant you visibility into your fuel spend. Pair that with a robust telematics solution and you can track driver behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and more in addition to how much your fuel is costing you.