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Has your business been registered for over one-year? Want real-time access, control, visibility to your company’s fuel activities? All these possible with the Shell Fleet App. Get fuel credit for up to ten vehicles, receive exclusive perks, discounts and enjoy same day account setup. Get started today and download now.

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Shell Fleet App

An offer tailored for small businesses with up to ten vehicles. Sign-up via the Shell Fleet App in 5-10 minutes and order fleet cards to purchase fuels and lubricants. You and your drivers can use your Shell Fleet App cards at over 1100+ stations nationwide.


In our hands, business is as it should be: smart, simple, and hassle-free.

  •  Save Money

    Ease of Payment

    Your account with the Shell Fleet App will be enrolled to your desired Credit Card provider. Payments will automatically be processed by the app through your credit card, every end of the month.

  • Save Time

    Save Time

    Did you really get into business to do vehicle admin and spend your time looking for receipts? Do more of what you love and less of what you hate with downloadable* monthly invoice, driver spending and usage statistics all available in the app.

    * Market implementation dependent on country.

  • Convenience

    Increase convenience

    Manage fuel costs for all the vehicles in your small fleet in one app. Get credit for fuel and improve your cash flow.

  • Card Control

    Card Control

    Big businesses have a dedicated fleet manager on their pay roll. But with the Shell Fleet App, smaller businesses can have one in their pocket, with flexible controls and limits for each driver at your fingertips.

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Is the Shell Fleet App right for you?

Are you a limited business with up to 10 vehicles? Has your business been registered for over one year?

If you answered yes to both, then what are you waiting for? Download the Shell Fleet App from the link above today!

If your business has more than 10 vehicles, or you’re a sole trader, then take a look at our wider Shell Card offer for bigger fleets .

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Fuel Savings & Pricing

With Shell Fleet App, you could save on your fuel spend at Shell*. Each account can have up to 10 Shell Fleet App cards.

No tie-ins. Simple. Straight forward. Easy to manage.

See what you get for your money.

You and your drivers can:

  • Enjoy fuel credit at over 1,100 stations nationwide
  • Buy fuel & lubricants items
  • Make the most out of your monthly credit limit.

*Offer based on local market terms and conditions. Please see your local Shell Fleet App T&Cs for more information.

Manage more from your phone

Shell Fleet App has a wide range of convenient features that save you time and increase your control over your vehicles’ fuel costs.

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Flexible card controls

Worried about your cards?

Control how your cards are used by driver.

Freeze and unfreeze cards in the app straight away if your card is lost or stolen. If you forget your PIN, request a PIN reminder.

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Set spending limits

Want to have different spending limits for different drivers?

No problem. You can set different spending and credit allowances for your drivers and change them whenever you want.

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Buy more than fuel

Use your Shell Fleet App card to buy fuels and lubricants.

Find out more

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Over 1,100+ stations nationwide

Use your cards at all Shell branded site. Get real time insights on exactly what’s being spent and where.

Discover more features

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Download the Shell Fleet App


Get fuel credit for up to ten vehicles, receive exclusive perks, discounts and enjoy same day account setup. Get started today and download now.

Download via App store

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