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After finishing a Business Administration and International Commerce degree in Venezuela, Jose worked mainly in shipping and freight forwarding. He already knew about Shell way back when he was in Minnesota and has always been eyeing to be a part of the energy industry.

When Jose moved to the Philippines in 2017, he immediately pursued his application when an opportunity to join Shell opened. “I wanted to move. I wanted improvements in my life. And I wanted a change in what I was doing. I knew Shell would be my way to the change I aspire to,” he shared.

Jose shares that working for Shell has been an experience that allowed him to develop a continuous improvement mindset fostered by Shell’s Continuous Improvement Training and seminars. He also honed his logical thinking skills during the Order to Delivery Scheduler training for Mexico. As a native Spanish speaker, Jose quickly learned to plan the deliveries of fuels from suppliers to partner retail stations in different areas of Mexico. The role was critical in maintaining healthy stocks in all the retail sites and ensuring that the deliveries were done cost-efficiently.

Today, Jose flexes his multilingual skills as the Customer Operations Team Leader for Shell’s Shared Services in Asia. He now leads a team of 10 members and handles Lubricants Macro Distributors in South and Latin America. They’re responsible for managing distributors, from setting up accounts to pricing loading and other administrative tasks.

“We take care of the distribution, so it’s essential to have constant communication between the various stakeholders of the end-to-end process,” he explains. “We make it efficient, with regards to the movement of goods from plants and warehouses to the countries where our customers are.” Jose fully understands that he plays a vital role in developing future energy solutions and Shell’s bigger picture of powering progress.

Being Venezuelan, Jose comes from a different culture and stresses the importance of collaborating with diverse and experienced colleagues. “When you work with people from different cultures and countries in Asia and America, a lot of things are in play at any given moment,” he expresses. “The ability to clearly express your ideas is super important for me.”

For Jose, being at your best is one of the most essential parts of working at Shell. “Everything has been good since day one. The company doctor even told me the importance of eating and resting well to perform well at work. For me, that was mind blowing,” he shared. “Shell prioritises their employees’ wellbeing,” Jose states. “For me, that was very healthy, and I was happy to realise the quality of the people and the work culture of the job I moved to.”

Shell provides global possibilities for multilingual professionals like Jose, who values an environment that allows you to be at your best so you can play a key role in developing energy solutions for the future.

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