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After nearly a decade in the banking industry, Rodesa decided that she wanted to be part of a company that values people and positively impacts society. This ultimately led her to apply for a job at Shell Philippines. "I was drawn to Shell's website and learned of their commitment to social responsibility," Rodesa shares. "I wanted an opportunity that would allow me to share my skills in customer service."

Looking back, Rodesa always knew that being a Subject Matter Expert supporting International Marine at Shell was the role she saw herself in when she first walked into the company. Growing and keeping up with the latest developments, deeply understanding the industry's trends, and developing solid problem-solving skills helped Rodesa get to where she is today. "I gained the experience, I learned and developed skills, and eventually, I was eligible for promotion, so my current position as SME is the position I actually envisioned." As a Subject Matter Expert, Rodesa handles all aspects of trade contracts and trade cycle processes relating to shipping. 

She ensures to deliver end-to-end high-quality frontline support to Shell customers, among other duties and responsibilities. "The job involves the development of soft skills. Managing several stakeholders and global customers has developed my communication and collaboration capabilities. These have helped me effectively share my expertise and influence my approach to work." She says. 

Rodesa understands that she, too, plays an important role in Shell's development of solutions that support the energy transition. This includes Shell Marine's efforts to lower marine shipping emissions, contributing to a net-zero future. Their team also oversees port specifics to maintain all logistic capabilities, customs, and stock regulations. "We support innovations for decarbonizing shipping, such as digital solutions like automation that are very helpful when interacting with customers," she explains. "Our role is important in powering progress as we support the innovations for the Marine industry.“

So, what stands out the most about working in Shell? For Rodesa, it's being able to work with a diverse and experienced team of colleagues. "With Shell being a global company, I have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different countries and different cultures," Rodesa states. "There is a high level of respect and understanding despite our differences, and that’s how I am able to gain friends from diverse backgrounds."

What brings the best out of Rodesa is Shell's commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. "This is an environment where you're free to speak up, which helped me greatly in my current role," she says. "Ever since I started, I've always felt that my opinions are valid."

Shell presents opportunities that can usher an individual to their ambitions. Just like Rodesa and other experienced professionals, it is possible to hone one's skills while supporting the development of energy solutions for the future.

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