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A graduate of International Trading, Bernice spent almost a decade working in the Sales and Marketing Industry in Taiwan. While on a short vacation in the Philippines, where she was born and raised, Bernice heard of an opportunity in Shell that would define the next chapter of her professional career. "I was hesitant to apply since finance operations weren't my forte," she admits.

With the company in need of Mandarin-speaking Finance Operations professionals, Bernice saw this as an opportunity not only to maximise her multilingual skills but also to grow her expertise in another field. "Finance Operations was described as a place where I can learn and grow from Causal Training and Effective Stakeholder Engagement," she explains. "Shell is where I excelled professionally in the Accounts Payable division and challenged myself to do my best. Just like when I was chosen to participate with Chinese students at the Shell Eco-Marathon in 2016," Bernice shared.

Almost a decade working with Shell, Bernice is now the Expenditure Specialist for Accounts Payable. She supports the processes for China, Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines. Her main goal is to ensure vendors are paid on time to maintain the company's good reputation.

While it may not be easily apparent to some, Bernice knows that she and her team also play an important role in supporting Shell's energy transition in developing energy solutions for tomorrow and today. "Our Powering progress strategy includes steps taken for our business to transition to net zero emission. That's where we create value," she details. "We are transforming our business by reducing carbon emissions from our operations and gearing to more automation in the sense of our processes, and operating and managing finance for our business plays a key role in achieving this strategy.

Throughout her tenure with Shell, Bernice has gotten to work with experienced colleagues. She has managed to pick up some skills in the workplace that Bernice also gets to use outside of the office. "Being aware of how important risk management is a part of our process, and I apply it to my personal life as well," she imparts. "My first day here, I was coached or reminded to hold the handrails when we go downstairs. It may seem small to others, but it impacts the rest. Complete awareness is something I learned here."

Apart from being encouraged to speak her mind, Bernice also notes that Shell's purposeful initiative to do better is one of the things that stand out to her the most in terms of working in the company. "I'm amazed at the organisation and the leadership. I've never been in a company that values the safety of an employee and prioritises the health and well-being of an individual," she proudly exclaims.

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