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When Jhoye joined Shell Philippines in 2008, it was clear from the start she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and broaden her perspective. "I really wanted to be part of a multinational organisation. This was an opportunity to work with diverse talent across the globe and not be confined to a local setting," she shares. "That's the main reason I got attracted to work in Shell."

Currently working as the Resourcing Operations Manager for Assessment Management, Jhoye is a Community Leader heading a team of 60 members. Her main role is to deliver recruitment targets by managing the assessments of each candidate applying to Shell from across the globe. In a nutshell, Jhoye is responsible for bringing in the best talent for Shell to develop Shell's energy solutions of tomorrow and today. All while providing a positive employee candidate experience for applicants. "We are an integral part of the Integrated Resourcing Ecosystem," she elaborates. "We partner with various teams across multiple geographies where Shell operates to deliver the recruitment demands."

Jhoye has excelled in her expertise by honing critical thinking and leadership skills while being exposed to different facets of the department. "It's being able to develop my abilities with the resources available, such as training courses. That plus, opportunities to work on global projects with the guidance of my mentors and leaders," she states.

Jhoye also details how significant it is to work with experienced colleagues on a global scale. "When I joined Shell, I was awed to be working with professionals across different fields and expertise, from recruitment to employee and industrial relations," Jhoye says. "This is the exposure that allows you to connect, interact, and build networks with different people in a multicultural environment."

Looking to the future, Jhoye sees herself staying with Shell Philippines long term, thanks in large part to the company's values and beliefs. "It's hard for me to look outside the company now because of the culture of honesty, integrity, respect for people, and the important roles people play in providing the energy needs of today and accelerating the energy transition," she expresses. "That makes me want to stay in Shell, even until retirement."

Shell supports talented professionals like Jhoye in sustaining long-term personal and career growth while also playing a key role in supporting the development of energy solutions for the present and the future.

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