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After graduating with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Angelo couldn't wait for his first job interview with Shell. "Fresh out of the university, this was really a perfect opportunity to learn something very different from my field. That's how I got into the organisation. The more I went into the work, the more I enjoyed it," he shares.

He started as an Instrument Engineer, setting up high-tech digital solutions for the MALAMPAYA project with Shell Philippines Exploration (SPEX), and later on, became one of the engineers in Malaysia.

From Asia, Angelo was transferred to the Netherlands to work on major capital projects, such as developing the next generation FLNG design or the floating liquefied natural gas platform. After working on several significant assignments, he returned to the Philippines and became the Supply Chain Manager for SPEX, which began his leadership role in the organisation.

Now, Angelo is the General Manager for Asset Care within Shell's Technical Asset Operations (TAO) division. He leads a team that lends offshore technical support for all Shell assets globally. They are responsible for conducting remote engineering maintenance, troubleshooting, and developing digital solutions.

Angelo and his team play a pivotal role in developing solutions that support Shell's energy transition, which is an essential part that the Technical Asset Operations brings to the Powering Progress strategy. Given that, Angelo believes having a more proactive approach is important. "Part of Shell's strategy is making sure that energy supply remains reliable and available to the highest levels. We help with continuous safe and reliable operations of our assets to ensure the current energy supply is fully available," Angelo details.

Working with experienced colleagues at Shell was another way for Angelo to broaden his skills further. "The thing about Shell is you get to come across many experienced people along the way. It gives you a lot of perspectives as to what could be done within the company and what other opportunities you can get in terms of career." Now a seasoned leader, Angelo guides a team of over 400 TAO professionals, all collaborating and aiming to achieve efficiency and become a centre of excellence within Shell.

Apart from a culture that highlights consideration, being able to speak one's mind freely, and bringing out the best in each employee, Angelo puts a lot of value in the people within Shell by expressing respect and appreciation to everyone in the workforce. "The people are really amazing, with the willingness to teach and to help. I can see why this company is where it is at the moment. It's because of the contributions of these passionate individuals.“

From being a newbie who saw an opportunity to learn new things to thrive as a leader within a collaborative environment, people like Angelo will always find a place in Shell.

It is where passionate individuals can commit to nurturing their teams' and their own growth while developing the energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

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