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When Farina graduated from university in 2004, global oil and petroleum prices were surging, and the Philippines was one of the countries that were greatly affected. Farina had a degree in Business Administration and Accountancy, and she wanted to leverage her education and skills to be part of nation-building, which ultimately led her to a role with Shell Philippines.

"When an opportunity to be interviewed by Shell came, I accepted it immediately," she recounts. "What better way to help than be part of one of the world's leading energy companies?"

As early as the interview process, Farina already knew that Shell would be a place where she could learn in-depth finance processing, develop strong analytical capabilities, understand supply chain management, adapt to technical software and improve people management. "I was impressed by how different it was compared to other companies," Farina shares.

"It tested my ability to think fast and be creative, and they really observed how I work with others. It gave me a picture of the quality of people that Shell had." Now, Farina is closing in on two decades with Shell Philippines, currently working as a Process Manager for Expenditure, where she leads over 200 team members based in the Philippines and Poland. As an integral part of Shell's financial department, Farina knows that she and her team also fulfill a major role in the company's bigger picture of powering progress and developing energy solutions for the future. "I'm a Process Manager, so that means I'm part of a bigger end-to-end team that looks after a whole source-to-pay team," she explains. "My team plays a critical role in ensuring a seamless supply chain across the world so that we are able to fulfill the energy needs of our customers." 

Farina's professional growth and progress can be attributed to being able to work on global projects and collaborate with experienced colleagues with diverse cultural backgrounds early on in her career. For her, it was a great way to further develop her talents and gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures. "That is the gift of being in a company like Shell. You'll be working with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds who bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise," she states. "It gave me an opportunity to not just upskill professionally but also broaden my horizon and enhance my global mindset."

As far as fostering a workplace culture that allows people to be at their best, Farina touched on Shell's commitment to employee collaboration and psychological safety. "Shell encourages open communication and values diverse perspectives. They empower employees to speak up," she describes. "It's an environment that Shell purposefully creates."

The commitment to help build a nation is etched in Shell's core. It is where passionate people like Farina can grow and take part in the innovation of energy solutions for the present and future.

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