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While pursuing a degree in industrial engineering, Cyrus already knew that he wanted to pursue a job with Shell Philippines. Drawn to the company’s global reputation and extensive portfolio, he aimed to leverage his technical background and skills within the company.

At a young age, Cyrus saw the opportunity to contribute to sustainability and viewed it as a personal challenge to make a meaningful impact in the industry. "I took it as a challenge to see what I could offer in terms of my time and skills. Could I make an impact? Could I make a difference in this landscape? That's the challenge I wanted," he explains.

Today, he's working as a Supply Chain Commercial Lead. Cyrus manages categories of spend on different sites. "I am currently managing the Shell Polymers Monaca. 

This involves handling contracts and working with different sourcing services and materials. All while finding the most value for spend in Shell's portfolio," Cyrus shared.

From sourcing ethical suppliers to managing costs, Cyrus believes his role is vital in developing energy solutions for tomorrow and today. “Powering progress is more than a movement. It's also a mindset. It's the core work that you do. It's the actual activities that our team supports and does on a daily basis," he states. “Whether it's supporting local enterprises or participating in environmental activities, powering progress is integrated at work and in our standards.”

While Cyrus briefly worked in a different company after university, he arrived at Shell feeling like a fresh graduate. From working with planning to engineering, finance, and cost control, he notes that collaborating with experienced colleagues from global management to various staff on the ground is one of his favourite things about working in the company. "I think it's a very unique and special opportunity. Being able to have the privilege to work with 10 different nationalities across all time zones allows me to experience the world as it is," he beams. "It opens my eyes and reminds me that the world is such a big place, and even if I'm not travelling, I can kind of travel from where I am at home."

Cyrus also mentions how the company has given him an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. "Mentors and leaders don't just care about their employees. They care about work-life balance and structure," he shares. "I feel like Shell has allowed me to take care of my family while giving me a place to develop as a professional."

Shell offers career experiences and global interactions that allow professionals like Cyrus to make an impact on society by developing their skills and supporting the development of energy solutions for the future.

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