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Daryll John started out as a Shell scholar. He finished his degree in BS Chemical Engineering in 2020 and is now a proud Information and Insights Analyst in the broader Contracting and Procurement (CP) Organization of Shell.

After graduating, Daryll joined another manufacturing company where he worked on sales and the continuous of procedures on occupational health and safety.

He eventually got into data analytics and basic software development on the side, which ignited his pursuit of a career in digital transformation.

When an opportunity finally presented itself, Daryll made the jump. "The leading companies that Chemical Engineer graduates target are really in the energy industry. Shell's good brand presence in the Philippines makes them a top choice," he shared.

Back in college and during his scholarship program with Shell, Daryll already saw the company's different projects and their mark on the industry. Now, he is part of the team that collaborates with other CP groups, comprising category leads, commercial leads, and procurement specialists to generate insights that make supply chains more competitive and resilient.

Being a part of a team centred on data, Daryll continuously learns about emerging technologies and how they could positively impact communities.

"Using different analytics techniques, we are able to uncover opportunities for greater efficiency in the procurement process," Daryll mentioned. "Our team really plays an important role in the Powering Progress vision as we get to help our global frontline by providing insights on procurement spend, performance, and community impact through indigenous suppliers," he explained.

Shell's CP frontline teams also play an important role in partnering with suppliers to identify opportunities that can help reduce emissions. "As an information and insights team, we also help understand emissions data related to our supply chains," Daryll stated.

As one of the rising newbies in the company, Daryll has the chance to work with people from around the globe. "This has given me a lot of learning opportunities, not only in terms of growing my network but also in understanding how people from different backgrounds work together efficiently," he shared. "I was also recognized twice as an Innovator of the Month for delivering digital solutions," Daryll added.

Besides honing his skill set, one of the many reasons Daryll pursues a career with Shell is their culture. "I would say there's really a big difference in how work-life balance is being advocated here at Shell," he stated.

For Daryll, Shell values living life outside the workplace—no emails on weekends or meetings after work hours. "Balance is not just engraved in our mindset. It's a lifestyle," he added.

Daryll has expanded his skills and thrived ever since starting at Shell. Together with our experts, professionals can nurture their talents while developing energy solutions for the future.

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