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Just a year shy of securing an Electronics Engineering degree in the Philippines, Albert became a part of Shell's undergraduate training program. Entering a company of global repute and exploring a job far from his area of expertise initially put him in a dilemma. But that didn't stop him. Albert took this as an opportunity to learn more about logistics and supply chain and to create connections by interacting with third-party contractors.

Albert quickly realised that working at Shell enabled him to learn from experienced colleagues and add to his skills while addressing the energy needs of communities worldwide. "I understood the impact I could make if I applied my learnings in problem-solving and analytics at Shell," he says. "Simple tasks like ensuring the availability of trucks contribute to the daily lives of our countrymen."

A decade after taking up a full-time position, Albert became the Controls Lead at Trading and Supply Operations. He plays a pivotal role in developing solutions for the brand's energy transition by managing industry-leading teams at Shell entities across the globe. As Albert points out, the influence his team has on global supply chains and the lives of millions of communities is very direct. "The ability to directly contribute to people's lives is the clincher for me."

Albert expresses that growing and consistently delivering requires a learner mindset. "Accepting you won't know everything, even as a subject matter expert in a particular field and being willing to learn from experienced professionals that surround you are some of the most important qualities members of our team must have," he shares.

Albert observed how his colleagues’ analysed challenges and worked closely with them to find solutions. "I could speak my mind, ask questions, and be curious. People around have always been more than willing to share knowledge. I just needed to be up for the challenge."

For Albert, collaboration and empathy are vital in managing stakeholders from diverse teams, cultures, and backgrounds. In fact, to him, the biggest competitive advantage that Shell offers is the opportunity to work on large-scale, global initiatives with various colleagues at different stages of their careers.

Now, as one of the seasoned leaders at Shell, Albert always shares his number one learning with newcomers, "There will always be a helpful colleague willing to show you the ropes. Don't be afraid to fail because only in failing do we know how to improve."

Albert attributes his growth to maintaining a mindset that pushes him to greatness. Supported by Shell, the company provides global-scale possibilities for professionals like him to collaborate with inspired associates in working on energy solutions of the future.

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