With more than 32,000 suppliers, 19,500 active contracts, 3 million invoices a year and managing $ 42.7 billion in third-party spends it’s no surprise that the Contracts & Procurement (C&P) team is often also called the Commercial Powerhouse team within Shell.

Widely known as the energy sector’s most competitive supply chain team, Shell’s C&P team has learned to thrive in an age of energy transition and consistently delivers ground-breaking deals that strengthen Shell’s position as a leading energy company.

At the core of C&P’s team success lies their ability to build relationships with suppliers and communities and work as ‘One Team’. This approach has helped Shell identify trends, disrupt the market and innovate faster and at the same time complying with the company’s strong ethical values that care for the people, community and the environment.

What drives the diverse members of the C&P team to deliver the most competitive, risk-based value outcomes every single time? Here’s what they have to say.

Ian Tobias - Buyer CP Ops
Ian Tobias - Buyer CP Ops

“My job helps the world to meet its energy needs.”

Francis Ian M. Tobias

Senior Buyer, CP Ops IGP AU Contracting Team

Educational Background: Chemical Engineer

“I’ve learnt that there’s no one correct way of looking at things. When dealing with business partners, you often get a new perspective. It’s our job to strike a balance for the growth of the business. So, it’s important to be unafraid to ask questions because they facilitate purposeful discussions. This proves especially helpful when contracting. I go to work because I know that my job helps the world, in some way, shape or form, to meet its energy needs. Every day is different, but that’s what keeps me going.”

Ma Criselda Romano - CP Ops Lead Bukom
Ma Criselda Romano - CP Ops Lead Bukom

“My team is an extension of my family.”

Ma Criselda Romano

Downstream Manufacturing East/CP Ops Lead - Bukom

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“I can attest that I’ve been moulded the best that I can be (at Shell). I now look at every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. I have mentors who have contributed to my growth. These individuals have become my professional coaches, who support me even when I’m at my lowest point, and most importantly, celebrate success with me. The people I work with, especially my team, are an extension of my family. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I’m given a chance to upskill and help members of my team get promoted. I also feel an immense sense of satisfaction with every cent I that I save during negotiations with vendors because I know the impact it can all make to Shell’s bottom.”

Mark Tristan Borbon - Team Lead
Mark Tristan Borbon - Team Lead

"I love being an empowered leader.”

Mark Tristan Borbon

Team Lead – Information and Insights IG/Projects/New Energies

Educational Background: Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“Working with the C&P team gave me the opportunities to add more value to the company, especially from the frontlines – from making the process efficient through operational excellence to proper negotiations and deal makings. The SBO model has added value to my experience by creating diverse specializations and expertise that provide great opportunity to move around the company and help in career growth and development. It’s the people and culture of the company that motivates me to come to work every day. I love being an empowered leader and to be able to work with my team and other teams that are all driven by the common goal of delivering value to the company.”

Melchie Ortiz-Cas - CP Ops Manager SPEX
Melchie Ortiz-Cas - CP Ops Manager SPEX

“Commerciality is about building relationship”

Melchie Ortiz-Cas

CP OPS Manager – SPEX

Educational Background: Industrial Engineer

“In Shell, I’ve learnt that commerciality isn’t just about getting the lowest cost. It’s many other things but the noblest of all, it’s about building relationships that generate the most value for the company, its contractors, stakeholders and yourself. The SBO helped me harness my business partnership skills. Working in an offshore location is challenging and building trust is difficult. But with the right amount of skills and the right level of stakeholder management – talking to the right people and about what they need rather than what you want – no distance can come in the way of getting things done. I love that this team (CP) brings so much value to the organisation. We keep the engines running and provide value improvements as we manage Shell’s multi-million dollars spending it wisely and creatively.”

Jeffrey Morales - Senior Buyer
Jeffrey Morales - Senior Buyer

“Working with talented individuals taught me how to thrive."

Jeffrey B. Morales

CP Operations Integrated Gas Contracting Team

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“Your work, no matter how small or big impacts the organization. As a contract specialist, aside from contributing to the bottom line by closing a favourable commercial deal, I’m empowered to better help the company by ensuring that each of my contracts has the correct and complete contractual coverage. Looking back into my career milestones in Shell, I’m in awe of how much I’ve grown since the first day. Working with a diverse yet in-sync talented and passionate individuals taught me how to thrive and how to constantly try to outperform myself.”

If you are looking to collaborate with the some of the brightest minds in the industry and have the talent and the passion to make an impact at a global stage with the world’s leading energy company then we may have the right opportunities for you.