Hi, I’m Jourdane, the HR Policy, Process and Systems Manager for Shell Business Operations Manila. Shell Business Operations (SBO) is one of the younger companies of Shell and is composed of a young and dynamic workforce.

My role is ensuring that we have relevant HR policies in place and smooth and effective HR processes for our employees. I also get involved in various initiatives to keep our employees engaged and happy. Specific to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), I have been a strong advocate of female empowerment in the workplace. For instance, I was one of the pioneers of the SBO Manila Women’s Network (Women Empowered).

Even after entering the corporate world, I brought this ethos with me: “I am powered by my desire to make a difference by demonstrating authentic kindness in the workplace.”

I believe we have to be kind to the people we’re working with, whoever they are and wherever they sit in the organisation. It’s not just about being good at work; equally important is how much of a positive impact we have on the people we work with.

I’ll have a one-to-one meeting with a colleague, who is new to the business, every month. We can talk about any challenges or hurdles they’re facing and how they can manage them better. I also try to cultivate a good personal relationship with them to be able to understand them better.

The reason I enjoy being a mentor to my team is because I learned so much from my mentor, Ed Payongayong, who’s also my current line manager and SBO General Manager for Manila. He taught me about disciplined delivery.

When I started at Shell fresh from university, I found it challenging acclimatising to the corporate culture. But Ed showed me the value of always doing the job properly. He helped me get through difficult conversations and making difficult decisions by anchoring them on doing the right thing. By being a constant role model, Ed inspired me to be better in what I do and to be a better leader to my team.

This photo was taken on our way to a benchmarking meeting with an organisation that provides employment to people with disabilities. We had a fruitful discussion on how we can enhance our workplace culturally to support staff with disabilities. I’m proud to be part of the team helping to set that up.

It’s a fun way to get the message across that we take safety seriously. It’s open to the public, so it attracts a lot of students. It’s a good opportunity for us to showcase the best of Shell and hopefully attract good candidates to our business. I love to get involved in these events; as it allows me to be an ambassador and encourage students to find their own career in Shell. When I see such brilliance, it truly inspires me to work harder.

This photo was taken after a disability sensitivity forum during the International People with Disabilities Day event, aimed at empowering staff with disabilities. It promoted better understanding on how we can create a more inclusive culture at Shell. The disabled speakers we invited to share information about their lifestyles and how they are able to deliver notable achievements. It had such an inspirational effect on all employees.

I’ve been a member of the network for two years, right from the beginning. Last year we undertook a special corporate social responsibility feeding programme, where we worked with an NGO to cook meals for street children in Manila. This year, our focus is on raising awareness on gender balance to empower both men and women to harness each other’s strengths in order to work towards their business goals.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.

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