Ryann De Dios-Victa has always been ambitious and hard-working. Growing up in the Philippines, her parents’ hard work inspired her to strive towards improving her own life and the lives of others.  It only seemed natural that she would end up working in Human Resources (HR) at Shell, a company that’s passionate about its people.

Ryann on holidays with friend

Before joining Shell in 2001, she had heard good things from friends who already worked there, instantly attracting her to the brand. At the time, she had five years’ experience in HR and easily transitioned into her role as Head of HR Services in the Shell Upstream Philippines. Since then she’s experienced success in local, global and regional roles on a strategic and operational level, working in Malaysia, Singapore and London before moving to Qatar for her current role as HR Manager Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) and Qatar HR Operations.

“I have always been impressed with Shell’s commitment to embracing diversity in people. This has greatly impacted on the culture within the company – people are encouraged to be themselves,” she says. “Where society tends to categorise people according to their race or gender, I was surprised to see how well Shell works with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I know I was hired because of who I am and what I bring. There’s no need for me to try to be someone else.”

She is also proud of Shell’s commitment to safety. “People are responsible and hold each other accountable for ensuring everyone goes home safely every day,” she says.

"I have always been impressed with Shell’s commitment to embracing diversity in people"

Ryann has occasionally made use of Shell’s flexible working policy, allowing her to spend more time with her husband, Julius, and their seven-year-old daughter, Julia. “It’s good for employees to have the option of working flexible hours, giving them enough time to spend with their families or on hobbies.”

Ryann believes this policy is not only valuable for individuals, but also for the business. “We conducted sensing sessions with line managers who had actual experience of having people on their teams work part-time or flexible hours. Most of these managers found that people working flexible hours were as productive – if not more productive – than those who worked full time. Employees respond to the company’s flexible working policy by being extra proactive and coming to work feeling refreshed and motivated, creating a win-win situation for the individual and the business.”

For Ryann, success at Shell means knowing who you are and what you want to get out of your career. “I enjoy helping people build their capabilities, also amongst HR colleagues. I’ve been told by leaders I have worked with that I enabled them to discover more about themselves and the teams they are on. I like to be seen as someone who can really help in coaching others, encouraging them to progress in their careers. I think it’s the best legacy anyone can leave behind,” she said.

“Shell networks provide valuable opportunities to connect with other people who are driven to continue to grow personally and professionally. Engaging in conversations with the right people can have a profound effect on your development. People should also strive to have open, honest conversations. It’s impossible to move forward if you can’t be open and honest with the people you work with every day.”

More about Ryann

  • Ryann holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the Philippines, where she subsequently studied Organisational Psychology.
  • She enjoys travelling and retail therapy and is quite happy that Marks & Spencer, Boots and Debenhams have shops in Qatar.
  • Her seven-year-old daughter, Julia, developed a British accent while they were living in London.
  • Ryann and her husband, Julius, hope to start taking up a new sport like badminton or tennis.

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