Shell gives you the support and training to grow and develop, because we recognise the crucial part every employee plays in our success.

We offer employees valuable educational resources. There is an emphasis on personal development with potential-based career development. We have a performance appraisal cycle and a range of development tools that employees and their line manager review on a regular basis.

We offer both internal and external training programmes and have a range of formal leadership programmes that may include international training opportunities. Our technical and leadership development programmes are recognised as industry leading.

Shell Open University is our online learning portal. It contains a wide range of practical, commercial and technical learning tools, from online courses and webcasts, to e-books and guides. We also recognise the benefit of external study and professional accreditation, so we will contribute to the cost and time involved in the pursuit of relevant further education.

We’re committed to providing the support you need. From on-the-job learning and training programmes to mentoring and professional development, we will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Shell Advanced Technical Programme

The Shell Advanced Technical Programme (SATP), a newly launched programme is a structured development programme for experienced technical professional. The SATP is designed for all employees and is particularly beneficial to the female technical employees to further develop and advance their careers in Shell. Due to the shortage of highly experienced female engineers in the labour market, especially in the oil and gas industry, there is a stronger need for education, retention and development of this technical talent pool. Shell recognises the importance of developing these women and preparing them to become leaders in the oil and gas sector.

Senior Women Connect

We have a Senior Women Connect (SWC) which has been designed to help senior women support each other with gender specific leadership challenges. This is a targeted leadership programme aimed at senior women in Shell. 

Women's Career Development Program

The Women’s Career Development Program (WCDP) is a highly interactive diversity and inclusion  learning program designed to help female Shell employees identify what they want from their professional and personal lives and to support them in achieving their full potential.


Mentoring is part of Shell’s culture, it is part of the way we develop people. Mentoring is a key contributor to guiding people in their journey to realise their full potential and reduce their time to autonomy. We understand that mentoring is critical for female progression in terms of building leadership and self confidence.

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