For over 20 years, Shell has had loyalty programs for professional drivers. And Shell GO+, the company’s leveled-up loyalty card, is its best development yet. Because now it isn’t just members that get rewarded – their families benefit too!

The Shell GO+ card is free for any jeepney, taxi, bus, truck, tricycle, multicab, or commercial driver.

Any spend at a Shell retail station can add up to GO+ points (P125 worth of Shell fuels = 1 point, P100 worth of Shell lubricants = 10 points, P100 worth of Shell fuels = 2 points).

These points can then be used to pay for Shell fuels (Shell V-Power and Shell FuelSave), lubricants (Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, and Shell Advance), and convenience store items (Shell Select and deli2go); or redeem items like electronics, appliances, and food and grocery vouchers. Cardholders also enjoy 60% off on SHOC+ servicing.

Should something untoward happen to the cardholder, the member can use the Accidental Insurance benefit to supplement his medical expenses.

It isn’t just the members that benefit; their families get rewarded too. Members and their dependents can make good use of the Shell GO+ program by pursuing TESDA scholarships.

For more information about Shell GO+ benefits and offers, visit

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