We are working with Pavegen, a company that has invented kinetic tiles. These capture the energy of footsteps and convert it into electricity. The result is clean, renewable energy that is generated whenever you walk on a Pavegen tile. Having worked with Pavegen to create the world’s first kinetic and solar powered football pitches in Rio and Lagos, we are now collaborating with Pavegen to help install kinetic tiles in a US city regeneration project. 

Did it work? Kylie Flavell chats to the community

To demonstrate the butterfly effect a small energy idea can have, we asked the talented one-woman film production company, Kylie Flavell to visit the community and give us her perspective.

Those who watch Kylie’s videos on YouTube will know that she likes to take the time to get to know and establish a genuine rapport with the people she interviews. So who better to report back on the effects our kinetic pitch has had on the people of Morro da Mineira? Watch the video below to see what she uncovered.

When innovation and play collide

Thanks to 200 kinetic tiles, the people of Morro da Mineira now have a renewable source of electricity to help power their pitch’s floodlights. The community can use this sports facility as a well-lit place to gather and play football well into the evening.

The Pavegen kinetic technology used in the pitch was developed by Laurence Kemball-Cook, a grant winner of Shell’s LiveWIRE programme. His incredible idea was sparked like so many others, by simply asking, “What if?”

What if your idea could change the world?

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