Every year brings its share of challenges. But with the sudden shock of the pandemic and events close to it this past year, the feeling was different. It was like the world had stopped.

But it could not stop. Because life needs to go on. So Filipinos moved for each other, helping us individuals and communities and the Philippines move forward. And through it all, Shell has been there as a partner for Filipinos. For farmers and frontliners and students and artisans and others.

Because it's only together that we can keep moving the Philippines forward.

With the hope of better this year, let's continue to do our best for each other.

Let's keep moving the Philippines forward.


What is NXplorers

Shell believes in empowering and equipping the future generations of professionals and leaders with tools and skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Nxplorers is one of the steps beings taken in its aim towards achieving a brighter future.

You can now support local farmers through Shell Select and Mayani!

Together, let’s #SupportLocalFarmers and encourage others to purchase their produce. Let’s all stay healthy and continue to help move our country forward!


Bright Ideas in Action

The world needs new ways to generate and use cleaner energy. More than that, it needs initiatives and projects that can help improve access to these sources of energy. Achieving this will require more than one technology or one person – it will take many working together.

The 52ⁿᵈ Shell National Students Art Competition

As the organizers of one of the longest-running art competitions in the Philippines, Pilipinas Shell has hoped to continue its legacy of recognizing and driving artists to excel, just like the many artists who started their careers with Shell NSAC.

Making the Children’s Future Better

Shell’s most important stakeholders are its youngest ones. That’s why we needed to learn more about how they feel about energy.