Thematic visual for Pilipinas Shell’s 56th National Students Art Competition


The Filipino people share a culture of innovation and imagination. A country that always pushes forward no matter the hurdles along the way, it has wholeheartedly embraced the idea of evolution, adapting traditions and techniques to the times. This has allowed the nation to honor its heritage but still continue onwards to the future.

For the 56th NSAC, student artists will be challenged to create art that puts a spotlight on local ingenuity and progress. Through art, they can show how their communities have empowered their people, uplifted the environment, and left a positive impact in the world.

By sharing their creative talents, the youth can showcase how the Philippines, as a whole and as a united nation of regional identities and legacies, is always progressing forward.

Young artists’ vision for the future shines in Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition culminating event

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s 55th National Students Art Competition (NSAC) culminated in a showcase of the young artists’ vision for the future and how their creativity is bringing diverse people together. Out of the more than 1,000 students who joined nationwide, three young artists were awarded as winners in each of the artistic categories like Digital Fine Arts, Sculpture, Watercolor, and Oil and Acrylic.

8 Filipino Art Masters Who Started as Student Art Winners

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