Thematic visual for Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition

SULONG SINING is a call to young Filipinos to lead the charge towards a brighter and better tomorrow through art.

The youth of today value the opportunity of making an impact. And they are more than ready to make their voices be heard and their causes championed.

We encourage them to share their creative talents in a tangible way, and in doing so – show us who they are, what they value, and what they envision for the future.

Through NSAC 55, we aim to empower the youth so they may see that tomorrow, and all it can be, is in their hands. Guided by their unique perspectives, grounded by their heritage and experiences, and inspired by their hopes and dreams, they can imagine the future we need and deserve. Using art as their tool, they can actively shape the future, show us how to keep the Philippines moving onward, and help in building the nation.




Young artists’ vision for the future shines in Pilipinas Shell’s 55th National Students Art Competition culminating event

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s 55th National Students Art Competition (NSAC) culminated in a showcase of the young artists’ vision for the future and how their creativity is bringing diverse people together. Out of the more than 1,000 students who joined nationwide, three young artists were awarded as winners in each of the artistic categories like Digital Fine Arts, Sculpture, Watercolor, and Oil and Acrylic.

8 Filipino Art Masters Who Started as Student Art Winners

Whether artists are born or made is debatable, but the talents and contributions of these renowned masters in the Filipino art scene are undeniable.