Oil/Acrylic Category​

The winners of the Oil/Acrylic Category: Judhea Java, John Lester Garcia, and Markus Gabrielle Gallegos, have crafted artworks that go beyond aesthetics, offering profound insights into the Filipino narrative through painting. Let's delve into the narratives behind the winning pieces that secured their places in this year's competition.​

Judhea Java secured 1st place with the artwork “Weaving the Narrative,” skillfully portraying the pivotal role of women artisans in shaping Filipino stories. In 2nd place, John Lester Garcia's powerful piece “Prinsipyo” depicts a disabled farmer's inspiring journey, encapsulating resilience and determination. Markus Gabrielle Gallegos claimed 3rd place with “Faceted Identities,” a celebration of local industries and their dedicated laborers, urging viewers to safeguard these cultural pillars​​

Watercolor Category​

Watercolor category emerged as a canvas of storytelling, capturing the essence of Filipino experiences with exceptional skill and insight. The winners of this category, Glenn Gonzales, Edward Russel Romero, and Shereen Yancy Millet, have not only demonstrated artistic prowess but have also used their talent to shed light on significant aspects of Filipino life.​

Glenn Gonzales claimed 1st place with a poignant portrayal of Filipino farmers “Inaaning Tagumpay”, emphasizing their invaluable contributions to society. Edward Russel Romero secured 2nd place, paying tribute to hardworking Overseas Filipino Workers as modern-day heroes with “Nak Uuwi na Si Mama”. Romero's watercolor piece not only showcased artistic finesse but also conveyed a deep appreciation for the dedication and perseverance of these individuals. Shereen Yancy Millet earned 3rd place with the evocative "Pagsibol," using watercolor to depict the life of a young child on the streets, offering a powerful reminder to address and uplift the lives of marginalized youth.​


Sculpture Category showcased unparalleled artistry, bringing life to form and substance. The winners displayed exceptional talent, each carving Filipino narratives into their creations.​​

John Patrick Gante secured 1st place with his awe-inspiring sculpture, "Resilience Unearthed" a profound tribute to Filipino farmers. Gante's work eloquently captures the unwavering dedication of these unsung heroes, standing as a testament to their vital role in sustaining our nation. Ace Brian T. De Leon claimed 2nd place with "Hiraya," a captivating sculpture embodying the spirit of Filipinos to dream. De Leon's artistry creates a tangible representation of aspirations within the Filipino spirit, emphasizing the limitless possibilities that dreams hold. Gerald Ed Chua, in 3rd place, presented "Kakanyahan ng Bayanihan," a sculpture vividly portraying the essence of helping each other or "Bayanihan" in Filipino culture.

Digital Fine Arts

Digital Fine Arts Category is for the realm of imaginative innovation, seamlessly blending technology with artistic expression and the winners showcased their prowess in this dynamic and evolving medium.

Mary Dawn Jane Monterde secured the coveted 1st place with her digital masterpiece, "Beyond Illumination," a radiant portrayal set in the heart of the Philippine archipelago. Monterde's artwork serves as a luminous flame, illuminating the brilliant spirit of the Filipino people. In 2nd place, Mary Ashley Sophia Chikiamco presented "Mayamang Pamayanan," skillfully depicting the cultural prosperity and jubilation within a Filipino community. Jhan Aldrin Carilimdiliman claimed 3rd place with his thought-provoking digital artwork, "Hanapbuhay: Hanap Sining," exploring the delicate balance between livelihood and artistry. Carilimdiliman's creation invites viewers to reflect on the harmonious coexistence of craftsmanship and sustenance.


Through powerful lens, the winners capture the essence of culture, life, and skillful storytelling of Filipinos.

Marniel Daguio clinched 1st place in Photography with "Rahuyo ng Mapag-asang Tala," skillfully capturing the creativity and cultural significance of Baguio and Tarlac City. Daguio's lens delves into the intricate values embedded in the cultural tapestry, providing a nuanced narrative. Jennielyn Liezel Sala secured 2nd place with "Buhay," encapsulating the universal struggle for survival, showcasing the indomitable spirit of even the smallest creatures.

Sala's lens highlights resilience and beauty in the natural world, creating a profound connection. Connie Grace Carlos earned 3rd place with "Pahiyas ng Kamay," a visual feast showcasing Filipino craftsmanship, capturing the dedication and talent embedded in the hands that contribute to the rich artistic heritage of the nation.​

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the talented participants who have made this competition a testament to the vibrancy of artistic expression of our Filipino people and culture.

To those who have yet to embark on this creative journey, we encourage students to unleash their creativity, embrace the challenge, and become part of the artistic legacy that continues to unfold in the Shell National Students Art Competition.