Meet our 2022 Shell LiveWIRE Top 10 Tech Startups

Shell LiveWIRE has been committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovations that respond to the needs of local communities. And to move forward with our mission, we have chosen the top 10 tech startups that showcase solutions to socio-economic problems.

Shell Livewire 2021 Winner

Congratulations to the winning tech startup of this year’s Shell LiveWIRE—Agro-Digital PH!

Agro-Digital PH developed several cloud-based applications that make up the digital food value chain. Through their idea, they aim to challenge flaws in agri-tech solutions that can’t be addressed by eCommerce. 

"There is a clear need to make agriculture sustainable by raising farmers' incomes. We offer three reasons why farmers cannot get out of the rut and are kept poor.”

Agro-Digital PH identified three specific problems:

  1. Farmers do not have access to the market and production plans are based on joining the bandwagon and hearsay.
  2. Production by individual farmers vary in volume, quality, and availability, making it difficult to adhere to high volume, long term contracts.
  3. Inefficiencies in the value chain (mainly margin-on-margin) are reducing farmers’ incomes and consumers bear the brunt of higher food prices.

Their winning idea presented both transaction and subscription based solution. Their output aims to connect institutional buyers to farmer and fisherfolk cooperatives and institutions. To do this, they developed AgroMarketplace, AgroProduction, AgroRegistry, and MoverMarket.

Their AgroMarketplace serves as a trading platform to connect farmer producers to the market and pool of institutional buyers. AgroProduction is a production forecasting and management platform that synchronizes and consolidates the production activities of smallholder farmers. The AgroRegistry takes on the task of documenting farmer profiles which include 1st or 2nd line validations to prove farmer membership. Lastly, MoverMarket taps on the cooperative’s excess or idle transportation assets and advertises such for other farming groups.

Through their idea, Agro-DIgital PH is addressing gaps in the digital food value chain, connecting farmers and fishers closer to the mainstream market in an effective and sustainable way.

“Persistence and tenacity are key to a sustainable business. If something’s not working, look for another way. If the wall is not breaking, maybe it’s easier to go around.”

Shell LiveWIRE Philippines is in partnership with Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc (PSFI) and IGNITE PH.


Meet the Top 3 Tech Startups who will be pitching at the Shell LiveWIRE Final Pitch Day on November 16, 2021, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.